Your future party

My party will probably be Camellia, Daeran, Ember and Arueshalae, plus Lann. I’m inclined to recruit Woljit, but I don’t really have space and if I decide to bring him with me, Daeran is first to go. Although Dhampir Arcanist companion would be super dope.

I know that I’m ‘that guy’ but my party is always build around my PCs love interest. So, I’m planning to play as a hunter (if the goal will be reached) and I will take with me Daeran (if he will be open for my PC) or other person open for a mlm romance. Then I will take with me Ember, Arueshalae, Regill and probably Woljif (I hope that he will have more conten than Nok-Nok and Kalikke/Kanerah). :3

Also, still gonan vary 'cause I’m waiting for the full companion roster reveal.

Back in Kingmaker, I never had a ‘main’ party or anything like that, usually taking out anyone that hadn’t been out for a while, though I did make a point of always having one healer, one frontline, and one skill monkey to pick locks/disable traps. I’m probably going to continue that trend in Wrath.

If I had to choose a dedicated party though, then Seelah, Arushalae, Caemllia, Ember, and Daeran.

Too soon to tell, the roster’s still incomplete. Daeran, Regill and Camellia are in for sure; I’ll need another frontliner and an arcane caster, at least until I get far enough along the Lich path to start bringing in resurrected bosses.

Main as a cavalier/bard of some sort
Seelah as paladin
Sosiel as a reach cleric
Woljif Jefto as a eldritch scoundrel
Lann as monk zen archer and probably multiclass at some point
Ember as a witch

Solo, hard (maybe unfair), becuase that’s the only way to play for me :sunny:

I take Arueshalae for sure, I read about her, she is like a reflection of character whose role I usually play, only she with horns, but still.
Ember - rather no than yes. I got goosebumps from her.
Seelah - definitely not. With Lawful Good characters, I often have problems.
Apparently I have to take Woljit, Lann and Camellia …

Ehhhhh i’m not really sure at the moment but i’m pretty sure i’m gonna play as a Monk/Gold Dragon and i really wanna try to have in the same group the paladin and the hell knight and see how it goes.

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My PF favourite party is 2H Fighter, Cleric and Arcane Trickster. From there i add 3 non essential members. Favourite non essencials are bard, ranged martial and tank.

So, in kingmaker my favourite party was 2H Fighter MC, Harrim, Octavia, Linzi, Ekundayo and Valerie.

In WotR i´ll go (so far) with 2H Fighter MC, Sosiel, Camellia, Ember, Arueshalae and Seelah.
I know that Camellia, Ember and Arueshalae aren´t optimal matches, but they´re my favourite companions and i doubt i could get rid of them for the sake of efficiency.

Unfortunately, I would have to know the overall available options and have a feel for them.

Going off of this list (which is a bit dated):

I think that Camellia & Woljif sound really interesting to me.

I think that Arueshalae, Lann, & Regill sound like fun lore choices.

I would have know more about Daeran to know for certain.

I am also a little biased against Seelah(I’m skeptical on paladins), as well as Ember(I’m skeptical of child-characters).

Honestly though, this may have no bearing on what my actual build is. I had a strong belief that Jubilost would be one of my companions in PF:K before I played, but I never got around to it despite playing the game 3 times. I tend to prefer a squishy main, and then have limited slots to balance the party with. I’m not saying I will never play with Jubilost, btw, just that DPS doesn’t factor into how I model party builds, which makes it easy to drop. I tend to think a party needs 1.5 healers, 2.5 spellcasters, 1.5 tanks, and 1 rogue, and so a 0.5 spell caster/DPS can easily get dropped off, especially since I usually build around romances.

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For me, I have it all planned out. I’m going to play a dhampir paladin of Sarenrae, I have her backstory all cooked up (I’ll pretend she’s a fallen paladin until she earns her mythic powers, then I’ll start using the paladin abilities, I have this idea where she was born in Ustalav, raised in a church, trained to be a paladin, earned her paladiny stuff, stabbed her vampire father to death with silver as he begged for mercy when she was told of her origins as a product of necro-r*** and was excommunicated for that unmerciful act, then has to earn her way back into Sarenrae’s good graces. Kinda Knight In Sour Armor kinda thing), I have zero clue how I’m going to make her an effective character or what path I’m going to take (probably Legend, tbh, Angel feels kinda stereotypical and I’m not super fond of just turning into a dragon), but I want to do it.

I am going to do my level best to romance Arueshalae on this first run. Just…the idea of two broken messed-up people finding healing and redemption in each other is an arc I want to do. And out of game, it’s gonna feel like a real accomplishment to romance a succubus without dying or turning her evil by accident.

Lann is going in my party just because he is The Man. I don’t really know about the others; Seelah will probably be superfluous since I’m going paladin first and foremost, but the hellknight is definitely coming just because I want that lancer/foil in the party.

I love doing deliberately against-type characters, I’m doing a demonspawn tiefling paladin in Kingmaker right now and it’s a blast.

I think for a second playthrough, I’m going to do a chaotic good tiefling ranger (because kitty) or kinetic knight going for Azata and boinking anything and everything that moves because that was so much fun in Kingmaker (I tried to romance Kalikke and Kanerah at the same time, certain that it would end in my behind being dumped, and through sheer good fortune and my adrenaline junkie tendencies that run, I managed to marry them both simultaneously. My proudest moment in any video game. Ever.). For that run, I’m going to take Seelah and our hellknight both, and Lann, because he looks like a lot of fun to have around.

Third, I’ll probably do a caster. I don’t play them often, but I think a magus eldritch scion would be fun.

Characters I love already:
Lann (because he just looks and sounds cool)
Arueshalae (because everything about her is inherently interesting, and I’m not talking about her physical attributes)
Hellknight guy (Regill? Have to check my email updates for the Kickstarter post again for how to spell his name), because this is just a great character concept in so many ways.

Characters I like already:
Seelah (there isn’t much to a super paladiny paladin, but Kingmaker did a great job of delving into what makes a super barbariany barbarian tick, so I’m optimistic)

Characters I will reserve judgement on until the game comes out but am optimistic about:
Ember (I am not super fond of ethereal mystic waif characters, but I mean, these are the people who wrote the Octavia and Regongar vs. Maestro Janush quest, which is basically my favorite quest in any game since…Mass Effect 2? Anyway, I’m optimistic.)
All the others. (I know little to nothing about them yet)

If there is a bard they are an instant choice for me.
Other definite members would be the the hell knight because I want to hear his story, and the witch because her character description made me like her already. Other than that I dont know.

I would like an assassin type NPC in my party.

Gotta have a bard. Never leave home without em.

i’d like to play with a full customized party, so 5 merc plus me :slight_smile:

Kitsune (or Halfling) Trickster, unsure of class quite yet… maybe bard or rogue?

I’m also really excited to do a Lich playthrough, but i have no idea who my companions will wind up being in that one just due to not know who or what i can turn into undead allies yet lmao

I will play the game with a full party on normal difficulty.
At least the alpha seems to be a bit easier than P:K (played it ages ago, not the latest version)

As main char I try to use one that is not among the companions.
In case of wotr I think about a sylvan sorcerer. There is no full arcane caster except Ember and witch is missing many of the typical wizard spells. Its a support char with focus on buffs and CC, spell focus conjuration for stuff like grease, web and stinking cloud, maybe some summons. Companions and pets deal damage. I want to take angel path for more buffs.

Usually I end up being lawful good. I cannot play chaotic chars.

Seelah: She must be in my party, I really like her. A paladin who is a nice person, not some over zealous freak. I have the feeling she is more neutral good than lawful good.

Lann: He will be in my party too. I like him and he does great damage.

Regill: I can respect him because he is so direct and effective. One more melee char for my party.

Sosiel: My heal and buff bot with glaive. Dearan is also good for healing, but my main char is cha based so someone with wis would be better.

Woljiff: I need a rogue for all those traps and locks.

It feels wrong to bring a blind child to a war plus I am not sure what to do with the witch class, so Ember stays home. Daeran and Sosiel are both good healers, but one of them is enough. Camellia is less good as healer than the other 2 and she has more dex than wis. I thought about making her a ranger maybe.

In comparing to PKM…
Camelia… another version of Tristian?
Lann… replacing Ekun
Seelah… possibly replacing either Harrim or Amiri? Not sure how stoked i am but… my first PT in PKM was Pally. So there shouldn’t be much of any differences if once were to play a pure Pally.
Arueshalae possibly replacing Octavia or Kalikke/Kanerah?
Is Sosiel confirmed as companion?

I’m not really sure what i’ll play as first MC though. May look through other’s preference and check on the new classes and stuff.

Some of the memorable companions in PKM was Linzi. Jubilost does stand out to have a strong opinion and character. I think it might be a challenge for Owlcat this time around to build a strong casts of memorable companions in Wrath. But i’m really eager to see :slight_smile:

@Madscientist3 PKM was surprisingly quite “easy” on normal for me. Well maybe i do too much homework though.

Apart from Lann whose mechanical role is indeed very close to Ekun’s, the rest is quite different, both in terms of personality and mechanics.
Seelah might be closer to Valerie, if anything.
Woljif might have some similarities with Octavia (rogue/mage theme) but still works very differently in my opnion.

Yes, Sosiel has been confirmed as a cleric.

So all companions revealed then? Or still missing the 2?