Xbox series x: game save issue

Hi there.
I’m somewhere around the pitax quests, I think it is the middle of the game. But I can have only one manual save and one quick save and one auto save. If I try to do another manual save I get an error. And I started to get a lot of errors on auto save attempts. I’m really worry about the end game where I will not be able to save anymore, as the saves become larger.

I believe this problem must be addressed as a top priority, if even x box series x cannot handle this enormous game (sarcastic mode on).

Try to get rid of your auto-save and clear the cache. Auto-saves seem to be the issue. And then tell us if you manage to have at least 3 or 4 manual saves. I’ll try it myself later, but i’m not far in the game.

Do you mean I need to delete reserved space (500mb?) because I cannot see any other options to clear cache. My saved files take only 150mb and another 500 is reserved by the game. So it is 650 mb in total.

No, you need to delete in game your auto-save, then shut down completely your console. Plug out the alimentation cable, wait for two minutes and plug it again. Tell me how it goes !

So… I’ve removed auto save from the game and have completed the steps (with power cord). But the game still cannot do auto save. My saves take about 200 mb now. I’ve tried hard reset (10 sec power button on the xbox side), still the same issue.

Sorry to hear that. I guess we’ll have to wait also on Series X and PS 5 for the game getting enough patches to go on. I only wish the devs take the time to give us an advice about when the next patch will be released.

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Thanks for help anyway. :wink: