Xbox One - Auto Saves / Quick Saves corruption ruin game

Xbox One Console version - digital purchase from Microsoft Store

I wasted my money buying this game on console. The save files are constantly corrupting. I just lost my 10 hours of Vanholds Lot DLC file when the game went black after the magic flower cut-scene at the very end of the DLC (went to a guide to see how much I had lost).

This is not the 1st corrupted file / save issue i’ve faced on console. “A Just Reward” quest lines also caused me to restart my main campaign. Twice. I’ve even turned off the Auto Save and Quick Save features, which helped, but now the DLC file is completely corrupted and when i try to load, it just cuts back to the main menu screen.

Really wanted to support this game and was thrilled to see it on console, but now I just want a refund and my dozens of hours back. Not even sure if I could bring myself to play the DLC content again.

Even more disgusting, my main campaign (3rd stab at it with only a couple of corrupted saves) which is 48 hours in now corrupted too (file used at DLC new campaign tab) and it corrupted at least 3 other files to. Thankfully, looks like an older file may work, but it is hours of game time lost.

I’m sure patches will fix this issues, but honestly, not sure if i want to re-tread this much game time. Again. Is their a refund policy? Do I need to persue with Microsoft Store?

I found that if I delete old saves and clear room for new and auto-saves, then my game saves just fine. Try to keep the total number to less than or at ten. It might support more, I’m not sure, but that is working fine for me. I have three auto-saves and 7 manual saves. I am playing on Xbox One X.

It has nothing to do with the total amount of save files, but more with the amount of times saved. There’s a memory leak and some weird indexing going on that causes saves to fail and/or go corrupt. And looking at the rapid increasing file sizes of the saves I suspect little to none optimization or effective compression…

Deleting saves has worked for me. It fixed my problem with games not saving.

I can save a million times with no problem but once I complete chp 1 it all goes to hell.