XBox - Consolidated bug post

Rather than making a topic for each one and annoying the bejeezus out of everybody, I’ll limit them to this post.

I just reached this screen and suffered through 2 minutes of roughly 0.1 frames per second, until it crashed when I held A long enough for it to read the input.

Hi! Has the game returned an error code when it crashed? Was it a one time issue or keeps repeating?

It was a one time issue.

No error code, just kicked back to the home screen.

Breaking tavern brightness
Clip -

Use the area exit, quick save before selecting a destination.

Load the quicksave, brightness borked.

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Pressing B on this screen exits both the start menu and the area selection with a single press.

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Kaessi’s house.

These stair exits do not lead to the capital square.

The hay bales in the barn have no collision.


Unknown cause.

Clip -

Weird camera positioning/zoom when selecting anybody except the main character.

Reloaded last save, issue gone.

Hint Text Box Offset from Text

Clip -

When you press right to highlight a word, it draws the box, then autoscrolls to line it up.

Ideally, it would autoscroll, then draw the box.

Clip -

At certain locations, I can’t open the kingdom menu. Move to another, it opens. Move back, it won’t open.

The clip shows the X button acting like it’s been pressed, with no menu appearing.

Sub-bug also shown in clip, holding a direction while pressing X, the kingdom menu is underneath the direction indicator.

When entering the capital from the world map, it shows the + as if you’re scrolling the world map.

I assume it appearing on this screen is unintentional.

This one is not actually a bug. You can’t open kingdom management when you move outside the borders of your kingdom. Unless you have Aviary in your settlement, which then allows to access Kingdom management in adjacent unclaimed regions.

Well, then the same clip shows what I assume to be the bug that I claimed a resource spot in an unclaimed region?

That is probably a bug :smile:

Do you remember how you managed to claim it? Also by moving back and forth?

Pretty sure that one let me just walk up and take it without any special form of shenanigan being involved.

Travel Map - Mini Map Preview Box Doesn’t Update While Mini’d

Clip -

I have clearly moved the map to the top left, while the display at the midright shows I should be viewing the bottom left.

Weird collision gaps in Verdant Chambers

Super duper exploit, quicksave/load to avoid delayed trap nastiness.

I activated my super rogue powers to steal that +3 weapon near the start of chapter 2.

Totally in-character thieving.

Nothing fishy going on here.