(Xbox) Beneath the Stolen Lands Standalone Quest Items not carrying over/no boons on loading previous run

I just finished my first run of this and when despite the game saying you get a boon based on how far you got I had no option for it when starting my new run

More importantly the quest items that you need for the true ending and the Apocalypse Can Wait Achievement aren’t persisting between characters when loading the old completed run. From what I understand they are meant to be in either the chest or the table near the Dragon but they aren’t. It’s also not tracking that The Weary Traveller has been defeated between those runs.

How are you retiring your group?

To export the quest items and get the boon on the PC version, your group need to die or retire them by trying to leave to the world map.

I retire them by leaving the world map and then when making a new game I import the save but it doesn’t appear to actually do anything.


Any update for this? is there any fix planned for this issue?

thanks a lot

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I’d appreciate an update on this issue as well. I’m experiencing it on the PS console and hope that a fix will be included in the next patch. Thanks!