Xarra and Xorges (spoilers)

I read somewhere that Xarra becomes a trader if her son Xorges is not taken away. This doesn’t happen right away though because she won’t trade with me after the initial interaction. Must I rest and return? What are the pros and cons of taking Xorges vs. leaving him with Xarra? Thanks!

im wondering that and about the magical lunatics.


Super spoiler-y


Turns out to be either a member or someone possessed by an uber powerful Cthulu like race and will show up when you are being ambushed to wipe the floor with the enemies.

what about the magical lunatics from the slavemarket? what do they do?

Wondered that myself. I ended up not taking them but it might have been a mistake. The Hand was so against it I left them but on the Azata paths one of them had stars in their eyes and that could have been Desna

can you find out and report back?

Xarra and her son become vendors right away once the player recognizes her ownership of Xorges. Selecting the Evil choices also aids in making the mother like you. The pair has a great inventory that easily makes it worth being on the dark side.

Don’t think the magical lunatic slaves have a special role. All I found out is that they’ll explode inside the Nexus Camp during your ship oddyssey to the mine.

Thanks for the replies. Any idea what happens if you select the good choice and send Xorges back to the Nexus?

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Xorges helps to defend the Nexus when you return from the mines at the end of Act 4, and he goes back to Drezen with you to start a new life :slight_smile:

And then


He shows up at threshold to help you out.

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i had no idea, testing this out right now

They really need to add way more awesome items to make the decision worthwhile. it wasn’t worth it

I think the plate armor and crossbow are quite good. Does having 1 extra defender really make that much difference?

not really because the items in act 5 are so good. especially the skeleton merchant

It’s an amazing item if you just stacking damage reduction N/- from all these different sources but otherwise you don’t want to be hit by enemies at this point. displacement and blur are great at this