Wrong localization german

I cant find the right place for a wrong localization, so i post it here.

In the german version there is a weapon called Kriegshammer, which means warhammer. But the picture shows a pickaxe and it does, according to the tool-tip, piercing damage. I think either the name of the weapon is wrong or the tool-tip, the picture and the damage, so following ockhams razorknife …

Sounds like that weapon is supposed to be a Gnomish Hooked Hammer. It’s an exotic, double-headed weapon that does both piercing and bludgeon damage.

Can you provide a screenshot of the weapon stats?

I dont have one actually and im on tour so it will take a while but i try.

I actually have one in my inventory, didnt think of that.

The Picture is in the ninth row number 4 from the left.

Its called (under the name Der Brecher) Schwerer Streithammer with “Schaden” (damage) 1d6 Stich, which means piercing.

Every Hammer i saw till now has this picture and this damage.

Thanks. That kind of weapon is called a Heavy Pick in English. Same damage type, same weight. The official term of that weapon inside Pathfinder PnP’s German localization is indeed Schwerer Streithammer. You will also find Kriegshämmer, Leichte Streithämmer and Gnomische Hakenhämmer inside Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

So it’s more a mistake on Paizo’s end. But I agree with you that it’s a rather inaccurate choice of words. The right term for this kind of weapon really should be “Schwere Hacke”.

Thanks for the quick answer. I dont think i write this to paizo, someone else can. I think you can close this.

The quality of the German localization is excellent, just wanted to say that. Comparing the spoken dialogue often shows that they took quite some freedom in their translation, but never altered the content.
Even today, you don’t see such high-quality localizations often.