Wrath Race Poll

I wanted to see which races are the most popular

  • Catfolk
  • Ratfolk
  • Kitsune

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Honestly, I’m not really feeling any of these races (though I recognize that many do, and that’s fine!)

That said, I voted ratfolk since rats are ubiquitous across the world. Kitsune are a bit too geographically specific for my taste, and catfolk are… meh? Like I said, I’ve barely got a dog in this fight (badmm-tish!) but if I’ve got a vote, by God I’ll cast it!

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I’m hopping for the Kitsune for the gameplay options they can bring, the Ratfolk seem cool though.

I’m curious to see what you can do with a kitsune race…surely you’d be able to make them fit into the particular path and also make it so they fit within the world. I’m more a fan of lizardfolk personally but kitsune > ratfolk > catfolk is the order for this lineup of my interest although I’d be fine with anything really. I love it when games try to do something that hasn’t really been done before. Now that said hopefully it wouldn’t just be red fox design with the oriental style of clothing and hopefully if you do kitsune you’ll make them unique to pathfinder as well. It will be interesting to see which one wins in the actual vote though.

Hoping for Ratfolk

Would love to play as one of them
But then again:
They will probably make some DLC’s for the game and there is a high chance of ratfolk to be included in one of them (maybe even a ratfolk companion which would be amazing), if there is a close race between Kitsune and ratfolk

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Catfolk are the most interesting, but Ratfolk fit the theme best. Do Kitsune make any sense in the setting?

Ratfolks all the way!


Da clan da clan! I see-smell fellow ratlings, yes-yes!

The year of the rat? And you vote for a fox? Come on!

Year of the Grippli!!!

Gonna have to throw my lot in with Kitsune on this one. Ratfolk are amazing too though and honestly I really hope Owlcat can (eventually) fit all 3 in the game.


I was really looking forward to a Kobold race to be honest, since I cannot see myself playing these races I will not cast a vote.

Really hoping Ratfolk wins out, they make much more sense geographically than either of the other two races. Kitsune primarily come from Tian Xia faaaaaaar across on the other side of world, and Catfolk are native to southern Garund, which is also very far away. Ratfolk have settlements as nearby as Numeria, and are much more fitting for the tone of this area.

I have seen 38 people voice fox in the kickstarter comments when we first hit the goal, 20 for rat and 21 cat

119 votes to choose the 850k goal, d–m

It’s only an unofficial poll, so it’s going to have a lot fewer votes then the real poll. The official poll isn’t until kickstarter ends.

That means they already have some of the races already made

Year of the :rat:

Remember: you could be a Skaven.

Cat >= Kitsune >>> Rat for me.

However, If Cat and Rat are both in the game, I would love to see some sort of sidequest where you have to solve a murder between a Cat and Rat Thieves Guild organizations or something to that effect… BLOOD FEUUUUUUUUUUUUD The tail that goes back many generations… Cat vs Rat! CALL NOW FOR PAY PER VIEW TICKETS TO THE EVENT ON WWEPAWS

I would like to add, I know nothing about the actual demographics of these races in the time and place this game will take place in. Sure numbers don’t mean everything, but what is a bit more important to me is how these diverse races including the core races will be expressed in the cities and towns.What are racial interactions between any of the core races and these races like? How does it shape or express society?

Back in Kingmaker the only races that would show up unless you made very specific choices, in your towns are the core races. Of course this doesn’t mean the other races did not exist in your Kingdom of the Stolen Lands, but going through the main square and some towns did have some scripted conversations or patrols that added to the overall atmosphere. The Various Vendors with actual names told small snippets of their backgrounds that proved to be pretty interesting. I wonder what they would be like with Kitsune, Catfolk, And/or Rat NPCs.

I would like to see kitsune get in. It’s the most unique race I can see from the choices available. Wrecking Mysticism is also something I would like to see for an Oracle build even if the extra tails were limited to a portrait or something.