Wrath of many dlcs?

When will preorder for Wrath dlcs go live? What kind of dlcs you hope?
I really hope they add more Elementals, all three furry races and more prestige classes.
Emphasis on prestige classes, we don’t really need basic class, we basically have almost all Pathfinder classes that work.
From prestige classes, I hope for arcane archer, some random prestige classes for bard, pale master, Storm kindler, shadowdancer, Loremaster, Nature Warden, Battle Herald, Argent Dramaturge, Brightness Seeker are some of them…

Same time as with Kingmaker: a couple of months after the initial release hit the storefronts. Owlcat stance is to first finish the base game and then think of possible DLC’s. Hence why there is no such thing as an Expansion Pass backer addon.

One thing I really would like to see is experiencing the crusade from another’s perspective: instead of the Commander’s point of view, said DLC could tell the story of a cultist sworn to one of the demon lords. A bit like Dragon Age: Origin’s Darkspawn Chronicles so to speak.

I find such story content more appealing than a class package. At least I would like to be introduced to a new NPC having said class. Especially if it features another new race like in The Wildcards.


What I want from the DLC will depend on how strong the mod support is. If it’s strong, modding in more classes, items, and races will be relatively easy so it’d be far less important for the DLC to add them. In that case I’d want the DLC to offer new companions and main DLC quests that run adjacent to the base game main quest. If they’re weak, I’d want the DLC to add classes, companions, and races with more items and quests being of secondary importance.

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Yeah… I hate playing non-vanilla.

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Very must dlc is loser races to be dlc. Could even add one more race like tengu, changeling, gnoll, genie kin along with other two. Second is more demons(if some are missing so see can have complete list of them). Third Dungeon master mod.(or whatever is called in pathfinder) to create our own adventures and have creatures from km as well.

I’m praying the ‘mod support’ they’ve promised isn’t just Steam Workshop integration instead of some actual modding tools. The modding scene for Kingmaker is pitiful given that it’s a Russian-made, PC-exclusive RPG and I think that’s largely due to a lack of developer support. Unfortunately, the way Owlcat has talked about mod support makes me suspect SW integration is all we’ll get.

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Kingmaker and now wotr have more classes and races than most other games.
I have already problems to chose my char and it will probably be one of the more usual classes and races.

I am not a fan of DLC, but I would prefer a new story over new classes.
Seeing the main story from a different angle might be one of the better ideas.

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Yes. Mechanical additions are always nice, and would make the dlcs more like expansions. But more game play content that add new “encounters” is what I care about most. Kingmaker did both. In fact the paid dlc looks like character focused, plot focused, and setting focused.

Here’s a thought for a DLC or three. Since planar travel is a a must for the plot, how about adding a planar side quest? or adding “Create Demiplane” to the spell list and a story surrounding the building of the characters own planar fortress or oasis? Possibly a quest line to become the new Herald of one of the major deities?
Given the concept of about Golems/Constructs, maybe have a mythic line to find the spell formula for creating a Colossus type construct?

I took that to mean they wanted everyone to pay full price for the DLCs. Which I have no objection to, as Owlcat receiving fair value for their DLCs puts them in a better position to make Kingmaker 3.

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Honestly, I root for you. But don’t gatelock content behind the “mods would do”. I would really like to play official deal. Of course, some prestige or some mods are more realistic as mods.

Something similar to Beneath the Stolen Lands, randomized Abyss levels maybe. The ability to replay randomized content with fully created groups has kept me playing Kingmaker past the several campign playthroughs. Also, Brawler so I can recreate my current character


Hopefully the team can consider to focus on an expansion level of DLC other than the usual micro updates DLC seen in other titles, probably great if we can talk about some kind of story expansion and that level of content in a future.

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Infinite random dungeons and I can see Nordom again. Twin Crossbow. Mechanus Cannon. And some Archetypes that feature clockwork companions and Abilities.

No Mechanus in Pathfinder universe.

The way I see it is that prestige classes or be classes maybe easier added by mods? If there are no new mechanics implemented to the game.

If there are new PrC or classes that has mechanics changes then yes. Above all that I value meaty content like new companions, new romances, new expanded storyline perhaps.

Out of everything, the one thing that is needed something similar to BtSL. The heart of the game for me is the ruleset and combat.

I want hand crafted encounters that are challenging and well thought out


There is a demon lord of mazes…

If it’s anything like heroes sepulcher in PKM, I actually don’t like puzzle that much. Find that level abit tedious. I like another BtSL but with better and improved encounters

I’d love a DLC that adds more story content. The game is already jam-packed full of classes so I don’t think adding more should be a priority at this point. I also put combat far below story in my personal list of things I value in an RPG so something in the vein of BtSL doesn’t grab me the way it grabs most other people. So a DLC like Varnholds Lot that lets you interact with an NPC and see another story within the adventure would be cool. Or like the WIldcards DLC where we get a new companion and companion quest.

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