Wow this game has BAD RNG

Playing in turnbased mode has revealed to me why the game was so frustrating. It cheats. Something tweaks the RNG rolls in order to fabricate difficulty. Have a person
in heavy armor and a tower sheild? Those kolbolds still hit you 50% of the time! A Kolbold Shaman casts shield on himself and hes an invincible juggernaut you will never ever touch.

Can someone tell me something? If I have an armor class of 21 with a shield and im facing an enemy when im playing the new turn based mode and I actually see the cheatingcoughrolls, I notice my AC drops to 10 for no reason, no de-buffs no back attacks nothing. The alchemist just needs a 10 or better to hit me. Why? Because cheating or bugs thats why.

I have tried with this game but its anti player. It circle kicks you in the balls so many different ways I would actually love to actually circle kick the combat/encounter devs in the balls in RL.

I want so badly to LOVE this game but its like NO YOU GET AWAY FROM ME! NEVER!

The game has more than its fair share of bugs but 90% of the problems people seem to have, particularly in regards to combat, stem from them not fully understanding the mechanics.


Calculations in TB mode are different. If you played in RTwP that alchemist would still need to roll 10 to hit.
It basicaly just calculates attackers “to hit” number and substracts defenders “AC” and shows you that number vs roll of the dice.

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21 AC is abysmally low. Kobold Shaman are not impossible to hit. Far from it. Your struggles have nothing to do with turn-based mode or the RNG. The fun of the game is learning how to play better.

The above is Unfair difficulty.

Yeah 21 AC is not enough after prologe. But he thinks game changed his AC to favour enemies as way to increase difficulty, which is main point.

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Because alchemist’s attacks (bombs) are Touch Attacks, base Touch AC is 10.


Serious question im in Ratnook hill with the wererats YET ANOTHER
enemy thats an invincible juggernaught because the devs decide its time
for you to die. NO ONE HAS SILVER WEAPONS of course its the beggining
of the game THEY ARENT EVEN FOR SALE!!! Tell me how does one
of the wererats able to sneak attack on every single attack when hes

  1. Not invisible
  2. Not in stealth.
  3. im not flanked by another foe.
    Of course in that battle I positivly miss every single attack and they hit and crit all the
    time. HAHAHA the cheating is so bad in this game. Kolbolds with +9 to hit LMAO!!!

Oh and lets not forget the most obvious form of cheating this game comits, which is the endless ammo the alchemists ALWAYS have. SO every single alchemist has infinite explosive bombs to sit back like giant pussys cast shield and bomb down on you with complete impunity. A wererat alchemist that casts sheild on itself may as well be like fuycking tiamat herself. What is it with these encounters, what every single squad of demi humans are master tactians?

Learn the rules before complaining about the game.

  • What difficulty do you play on? If you play above normal then don’t complain about inflated stats.
  • 21 is pathetic as AC. Your tank should try to have an AC that’s 19 points higher than enemy AB. Different types of AC do not stack except for dodge. Fight defensively with 3 points in mobility. Use mirror image, blur, displacement to avoid crits.
  • Some attacks and spells (such as alchemist bombs) are touch attacks. They ignore armor, shield and natural AC.
  • Bombs are fire damage. Cast protection /immunety from fire on your char.
  • Nobody forces you to go to those rats. Come back later with more levels and equipment. Same for the giant linnorm and other encounters.

Yes, the Pathfinder rules are complicated as hell. You have 3 options

  • learn the rules
  • lower the difficulty
  • quit playing

Because you are flat-footed. You do not understand rules and when they apply and when not, so you think AI is cheating, while you can do same thing.
Also normal stats for encounters for 6 man party.

Hello, can you please clarify what is your game difficulty level? It’s mentioned in the description that enemies are more powerful if you’re playing on anything higher than “normal.”
As it was explained by people above, some attacks (such as alchemist bombs) would ignore any armor you have and your AC would be 10 for those types of attacks. Your AC would be different if you’re “flat-footed” meaning if they started the fight first.
Moreover, the “wererats” are not easy enemies, they require a different approach compared to fighting with regular human enemies. Wererats have damage resistance, fighting them in a “standard” way would be the same as trying to hit a swarm with a dagger. Check their stats and create a strategy. Wererats have an extremely low will, so you can easily win if you use any mind-controlling spells, such as Laughter. You can use Amiri since she’s immune to flanking. You can use any anti-evil spells and abilities since they are indeed Evil. And of course, as it was said before, you don’t have to beat them if it’s too hard at the moment. Nothing crucial is there at the point, except maybe some useful loot.
Please mind that high-difficulty levels are designed for experienced Pathfinder players, if you’re not familiar with the Pathfinder system yet -please consider lowering the difficulty level.

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  1. Im playing on Normal.
  2. Im not flatfooted.
  3. My tank has an AC of 27 its NOT my tank im talking about and AC
    is almost meaningless when it comes to touch attacks.

NEW PROBLEM! The game just freezes every few hours or so it just locks up. It makes playing the new turn based mode impossible to play as you lose entire battles worth of gameplay due to a BUG infested game. HOW DOES IT STILL CRASH LIKE THIS ITS BEEN OUT FOR YEARS!! Unbelievable!

Also whats with the battle configurations? Why is there ALWAYS an alchemist
cherry picking in the back bombing down infinite bombs that ALWAYS has
two tanks in front of him?

Its almost like the Combat devs where former DM’s that thought it
was there job to “win DnD” by being the maxium possible douche.

In short this game was made by people that hate players.

  • Send your tank first, most enemies attack the first thing they see.
  • Or you start combat by summoning creatures near the enemy
  • Or you start combat by casting CC on the enemies. Turn based helps targeting AoE effects
  • Enemis with ranged abilities often target the char with the lowest defense. Send your tank or summons to keep enemies away and focus damage on the most damaging or otherwise dangerous ( CC casters) enemies.

27 is still a bad AC for a tank. Even at lv3 it’s very easy to get way above 30.


Wow thx Siri for engaging.

Amiri doesn’t get Improved Uncanny Dodge until lvl 5 and only if she stays Barbarian. Most of the players having these difficulties aren’t used to games where you can run into foes underleveled and don’t understand the design philosophy behind allowing that even to be a thing, so this player may well be trying it before level 5. Many other new players are used to games based on D&D 3.5ish rulesets where the powergamers will tell them that splashing is mandatory so will be delayed getting the Barb5 as well.

We’re going to need to train them. The Wrath Tutorial is a good start.

Resist Energy Fire shuts Alchemist Bombers, which you should have access to for your whole team by level five, which is the minimum realistic level for Ratnook, or for individual characters by level three, which is all you need for Kobold Alchemists and Flame Shamans.

The game is about finding solutions to a variety of challenges, including the solution of avoiding optional areas until you’re ready for them. The Kobold Alchemists are all also in optional areas of the Sycamore Caves with the exception of the one just before the King, but you can focus him first before fighting the King and his archers.

It can be played super cautiously in one playthrough, but most players who enjoy this type of thing will take advantage of knowledge gleaned the hard way (we all struggle at first) from prior playthroughs (we end up restarting a few times before really getting into it) to improve each time and enjoy the improvement process.

It’s akin to a Roguelike in that way in that you start over stronger each time you have to.

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+3 weapons bypass DR/Silver

Reg can use his Arcane Weapon Enhancement to make his weapons +3 by level 5:

He can also get Mirror Image and Frigid Touch by then, making him the perfect Companion to bring along to the Ratnook fight.

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I assume you’re playing on console since there’re no crashes in the PC version of the game as far as I know. Yes, the recent console release was not smooth since the game was initially developed for PC only. So the console version has insurmountable problems some of which still remain even after the patches.
Players in the Console version of the forum recommend:

  1. Restart the game every 2-4 hours, especially before any Boss battles or other big battles.
  2. Make sure to have a stable save if you’re going to run back and forth between your throne room and the Capital, since changing those locations might in some cases crash the game.
  3. Keep your manual saves at the minimum and use quick-saves more.
  4. Also one of the players mentioned that he encountered freezes when he pressed the square button in tactical mode by mistake. We’re looking into it.

Anyway, tabletop Pathfinder was never an easy game, and at some points, it’s way more complicated than just regular DnD. We do understand that our game-design is quite “sadistic” and we consider it as a part of the fun. Some kind of “Dark-souls” type of pleasure in overcoming difficulties. No one promised it would be easy. (Though it is in Story mode)

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Well, playing the game like a rogue like will be hard because the game is very large. Most people have not that much time.

I finished it once, starting on normal and switching to story mode at some point because I wanted to finish it but it was too big to start again. My main char was a terrible multi class horror because I assumed Pathfinder to be DnD 3.75.

I had little problems with the WotR alpha on normal, so I hope to finish kingmaker on normal.
I will try a single class sylvan sorcerer with focus on conjuration (grease, web, stinking cloud and summons plus buffs) and a leopard. It would be the first time I try a big DnD like RPG with a full arcane caster.

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Yes, learning how to let go of all the assumptions we brought in from prior games (tank, spank, and heal is a big one from younger players) is half the battle. When I say like a Roguelike I mean starting over a lot early until you build up enough strength (in this case knowledge) to make a deep run.

I started over six times before Trobold and eleven times before Pitax. You can make it to level six or so in a night’s play once you’ve got a feel for what to do.

Now that you have Depths and Varnhold (starts almost at lvl six) it’s even easier to experiment with different things.