Wotr OST music appreciation thread

While I have many misgivings about the current state Wotr is in, from bugs to balance issues to inconsistent quality of some stories, one thing this game clearly hands down excels at is its OST. I keep listening to those tracks (obtained via my Kickstarter level) on repeat, and I simply cannot get enough of them.

Some of my favourites are (in no particular order):

Main Theme
Master of my own fate
Wisdom of the milenia
Crusade battle theme
I promise
Those who stand against evil
Banner over the citadel
The cosmic balance

So what’s your favourite piece of music in this game? Any overlaps with my own list?


My top three are The Hunger Eternal, Succumbing to Rage, Facing the Faceless Sphynx. In this order.

Hell’s Advance is also nice. And Wisdom of Millennia is no doubt the best thing about the Gold Dragon path in the whole game.

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I see that you prefer tracks with greater Metal and/or Apocalyptica vibes. Of all these I like Facing the Faceless Sphynx the most.

That’s true, sadly Gold Dragon path is so weak that’s not saying much :confused:

My favorites are Aeon Theme, Promise, and Devil theme
(I despise Gold Dragon theme because for me it sounds neither like NG nor like dragons)

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I agree that “Wisdom of the mlilenia” track does not completely fit the theme of what you get in the game - it would have been awesome if Gold Dragon quest was actually centered around gaining Millenias worth of draconic lore, wisdom and insight. Alas…

But musically it still awesome - it was awesome, before I learned it belonged to Gold Dragon.

Aeon’s theme (The cosmic balance) is actually what made me choose this path as the first I was going to play.

What would be more fitting for the dragon theme instead? Throat singing a’ la Skyrim? How To Train Your Dragon style? Or are we talking about classics such as Enter the Dragon? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would have totally loved if we had some Dragon releated quest in Trickster path :stuck_out_tongue:

A already wanted to write a loveletter to owlcat because of the (in my humble opinion) outstanding Soundtrack. It’s very hard for me to choose my three most favorite tracks but i guess it would be:

Starward Gaze
WOTR Main Theme
Mythic Power

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Starward Gaze

Is just an utterly stellar track (sorry not sorry), but honestly, I love almost all the music in this game.

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I agree that the main theme and those who stand against evil are amazing, but queen for a century and the light of heaven are probably my favorites out of a soundtrack filled with great pieces.

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I’m sure I’ll be appreciating it more the more sheet music (hopefully) gets available in the future.

The soundtrack IS amazing, and running parallel to that is some of the voice acting. Minagho and Staunton were fantastic, arguably the best and most convincing in the game, IMHO.


yeah they really managed to make it clear that above all else Staunton was just tired. The VA does a really good job of sounding like he gave up on everything decades ago and is mostly just looking for a chance to die without committing suicide or fighting at less than his best.

Love the music. Total epic power fantasy