Will we able to opt-out the 2.0?

I have tried to play a new game using the 2.0.

But most parts of the mods do not work. And for me, this is a dealbreaker. While I love the game Harrim and Tristan suck really bad. (Please do not carry them to the next game), and thus respec mod is a must for me.

This and another mod that expands the classes in the game.

AS the game is quite old I hardly think that they will be updated.

So if i need to choose between 2.0 and modded 1.x, I would totally choose the modded 1.x.

The issue is that when the 2.0 is released, there won’t be any way to go for the modded 1.x.

So I was wondering if there going to be any way to opt-out the 2.0 update.

not with Steam GOg has the fuction where you can still play old versions of a game.

Also you should be banned for saying Harrim is bad he is the best compaion in the whole game.

Harrim is a whiner. Whine whine whine and more whine. He belongs in a weekly therapy group, not an adventure path.

Weird, he is by far the funniest char in the game his line delivery made me laugh so much, he is seriously one of the best joke characters I have ever seen in a RPG; Tristan on the other hand is pure garbage the guy has zero perosnality.

I’m sorry, but you should be more informed about next game. These two will not be in next game, so if you backed next game, you should be more knowledgeable on this matter

I suggest you check GOG storefront, you can play and opt out the patches there.

I think you CAN choose to not update your game in Steam? I think there is even option to play without internet connection, so problem solved. If you do not update your game you can keep playing using older version and older mods (what are out now).

But I think it is kind of impossible to have allready mods out for version what is not even released yet (it will be out if I remember it right 18:th day). It is normal that only AFTER update is made there will be mods what will work with that update.

Usually people do not make mods for alpha/beta versions of the game. Or maybe I have been playing different games… …but anyway. I suggest you wait for release, then keep looking if/when mods get updated and only after update your game.

IF you want to be extra sure first copy/paste your old version of the game in some other driver (or even physically swap HD from your computer or install it for different computer) and when you want to play using old version take your internet cable / wifi off and play it. When you want to play new version switch for it and plug in your net.

That’s a lie. Nok-Nok is best companion, nok-nok is big hero with big damage and big AC!