Will the game be more optimized?

pls i hope owlcat read this. i think the performance of PKM is kind of bad. the longer you play the game has more stuttering. i don’t know what is that a problem. i’m using GTX1080 and i believe it should be enough to play PKM on AT LEAST low? i play Assassin’s Creed Origins… Witcher 3… all over 60FPS.

yes you read that right… LOW. even on low stuttering PKM stuttering was really bad. i’m not sure if this is unity engine problem or anything? but will wrath benefits from better optimization this time around?

it really takes out the game immersion and alot of frustration.


Hm, that definitely isn’t due to optimisation (or lack thereof).

Either there’s an issue with your system with this specific engine (neither AC:O nor Witcher 3 use Unity), or it’s a bug of KM, but not a general optimisation issue.

You might want to look into Unity issues and how to fix them.
And besides, a strong GPU isn’t the only component required for gaming performance, especially not in games that are much more CPU-heavy, like cRPGs usually are due to many AI operations especially.

Speaking for myself, I played KM on maxed settings at 3440x1440 and did not have even a single slowdown, and loading times are extremely fast as well… but that should also be expected with my system and this kind of game, which isn’t really demanding outside of, again, bugs.

Sys Specs:

  • CPU: i7 8700K @ 6x4.7 GHz
  • GPU: RTX 2080 104A Binned @ 2100 MHz Boost 14 GHz VRAM
  • RAM: 32 GB Dual Channel DDR4 @ 3200 MHz XMP2
  • SSD: 2x 500 GB + 2x 250 GB
  • OS: Win 10 Pro

Might also be an issue with AMD CPUs specifically, should you also have one, especially with the older Ryzens maybe.

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Oh yes, they need to improve a lot. The alpha seems even worse than kingmaker. The market place is terrible. On high settings it is laggy as hell and that with an rtx2070s and an ryzen 7 3700. I can play AC Odyse on ultra but not a crpg?

Also the loading times in kingmaker got terrible late game even with an ssd. The engine/system/game realy needs optimazation

That is always the case with Alpha versions, as they aren’t optimized at all.
That’s by design.

Optimisation only begins during (later stages of) Beta and final optimisation between Beta and Release.

Beside that i got a 2070 instead of 2080 my pc is on the same level and the ryzen is one of the newest they have. It works absolutly perfect on every other game so it must be a problem for owlcat to fix not for me. Also playing on 1440p.

That is true and I wouldnt be woried if kingmaker would have been runing good. But kingmaker was just running fine and that on a pc which runs every AAA game on high or ultra settings. It didnt lag atleast unlike the alpha but it was 60fps at max. For comparison AC Odyse on high settings has about 80fps and is way more graphic demanding and a beutiful game.

And the load times were quit long even with an NVME SSD in kingmaker

Maybe you and I just have a different definition of what “long” loading times are, that might at least explain that one. =)

As for performance, as I said, I did not encounter any slowdowns, let alone stutter, and as I’m playing with GSYNC, I would have definitely noticed any significant frame drops, as the game would then become really, really sluggish, including mouse cursor, as of course the refresh rate is synchronized on a hardware level to the GPU’s framerate output.

From memory, the lowest framerate I encountered was maybe around 75-80 fps.

I mentioned the Ryzens specifically for two reasons:

  1. Especially the older ones were quite infamous for a variety of weird issues, often due to bad drivers, IIRC
  2. Ryzens additionally sometimes caused worse performance as, apparently, their architecture/design doesn’t lend itself so well to generic optimisation that in turn would work pretty fine for Intel CPUs, meaning that Ryzens would need some extra optimization work which maybe some studios forget or ignore… but that’s just hearsay, as I’m not proficient in the arts of engine coding myself, so not 100% sure if that is still the case or indeed ever really were, but can’t hurt to check it out if Unity Engine delivers such bad results as in the OP’s apparent case, I think.

Yeah GSYNC is nice. Mayby laggy wasnt the right word I should have used. The alpha doesnt stutter with gsync and it runs still “smooth” but it slows down to 20fps on the market place on the highest settings which is way to low for me. On medium it was fine. I think its their fire or smoke animation or smth like that in exactly that area. Drezen runs smooth at 80fps on high settings

Same problem with the Market place. And I think it also happened, albeit in a less severe fashion, in some other areas, but I’m not sure whether it was the Lost Chapel or the Grey Garrison.
Anyway, I posted bug reports when it happened.

From what I understand, Kingmaker’s lag and load times later in the game are due to save files and are an issue with Unity itself. I reduced my save files to no more than 10, deleted the save files from previous playthroughs, and used the Cleaner mod to lower the size of future save files. Another thing I did was use the Bag of Tricks mod to delete the thousands upon thousands of items I’d sold to my capital’s vendors throughout my playthrough. After I did this, lag and stutter become virtually nonexistent for me, even in the Main Square, and load times were never more than 5 seconds, and this is all on max settings at 1080p with an i7 4790k and a GTX 980.


Good point there with the mods, I also used the phantastic Bag of Tricks!

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The alpha is not optimized.
It makes little sense to optimize something when everything will be changed later.
The game uses lots of placeholders and the UI will be completely different.

Just a note that there is a lot of discussion, but the OP hasn’t replied yet to help diagnose their specific issue.

Do you have it installed on a HDD or SSD?

I’d say that 50%+ of these performance issue posts seem to that the game is installed on an HDD

Thanks. This was really helpful. Will try it out. I’m pretty sure my PC isn’t the problem. And I recall similar issues with some unity games.

If there’s going to be future pathfinder games after wrath, I seriously urge owlcat to make a change? Maybe unreal 5? As unity seems to have bad issues it’s better yet consider a technological jump.

I’m on Samsung 970 NvMe SSD

20FPS is really bad.
I made some comparison and post it in Alpha section but here are some part from it:

My current computer is:
Windows 10 64bit Enteprise
CPU:AMD 3900X 3.8-4.6GHz (4.225GHz, CPU V-Core 1.250V Zen States)
Cooler: Thermalright Macho Rev. B + Indium heatsink
RAM: 2X Gskill TridentZ CL16 32GB 3200MHz DDR4 1.35V F4-3200C16D-16GTZ (3200 16-16-16-36-1T)
GPU: Sapphire RX Vega 64 Pulse (1630/945 => 1652/1130)
HD’s/SSD’s: Kingston 512Gb SSDNow kc400, Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1Tb 2.5", Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green 64MB SATA3, Western Digital 2Tb Blue WD20EZRZ 2000 GB
Monitor: Acer XF270HUA 2560 x 1440 144Hz
Case: Fractal Design Define R4
Power: EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G3
Mouse: Logitech G500s
Internet: 100/10mb
Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Battlefield 4 Collectors Edition

  • Superflux HD-681 EVO headphones for soundsystem (so others do not get bothered)

I play in 2560x1440p resolution with max 144FPS .
Game settings are all maxed out except:
Antialiasing: 2x multisample
Deph of Field: OFF
Game version is: Alpha Test 2020 Apr-28 19:16 <= what you find if you send bug report
OR: 0.3.0C <= what you see from main menu.

Test results = FPS

  • Market Square 60 - 90 FPS
  • Grey Garrison 40-60 FPS
  • War Camp 60-80 FPS
    I installed game in normal HD, my OS is SSD (where allso save games will be).
    I guess some problem might be if you leave all the loot behind (I collect and sell it) it can easily slow game down (having hundreds of armour/weapon laying around in huge map area). Try atleast collect them in one place near entrance area…

Did a bit of testing with the market square on the highest graphic settings. The moment I enter the area the frames instantly drop to 18fps but if I just stand there and wait after about one minute the lighting instantly changes and the frames hop to 70fps. I can perfectly see it on the tree at the start and can recreate it everytime. After 30 to 60sec the area becomes a bit darker without the firery glow and the game becomes smooth again.

I would guess the lighting system espacialy for the fires is broken and causes issues but it also disables itself after a short time

@Pathfinder have you tried that or some similar issues?

I think biggest difference might be: “Antialiasing: 2x multisample” <= so if you (like I) play 1440p there is really no need for 16x Antialliasing (or what ever is maxed out). Sure if you want to make a nice screenshot or so but atleast for me 2x is enough.

Biggest drops come when you go near burning buildings (if possible multiple ones) and try to use torches with multiple companions. (Yes, I know, there is no reason but hey, we are supposed to test things so…)

I’m having the same issue in Kingmaker.

Seems like it happens faster the more you Quick Save. Playing on the harder difficulty settings, I like to Quick Save often, so I usually have to restart the game every half hour or so. =/

That is something what I have not tried. I do not use quick save option (not even sure what button do that). I am old school and save manually (even thought game do make automatic saves time to time).

I guess it come from time when you had to manually write save game name (or it just use same slot and overrite your save because of same savegame name).

I quick save often too. It’s really a bummer in PKM. If owlcat couldn’t fix the underlying issues chances same problems will arise for wrath.

Either it’s time they seriously look into optimization or is time they change to a better game engine.