Will be Set Items?

Hey guys, I’m new here so my question is simple: will be any Set items? It’d be great if we could find this kind of items along the game. like diablo. so much fun.
anyway, can’t wait to play!

I haven’t seen any, and if i remember correctly, I’ve heared the devs saying they don’t want to do it, because it restricts the freedom of mixing and matching items.
It also doesn’t fit to the Pathfinder system

So far I found set of 2 daggers and differend kind of “set”, set of 2 amulets.
Half of Pair - 2 amulets, activates its bonus 2 allies who wear these are near each other.
2 daggers - they add 1 more attack when both are worn.

I’ve seen a couple of similarly named armor pieces, so I think the answer at be yes there are sets; no there aren’t set bonuses