Wicked Bow: bugged or intended?

Just found the Wicked Bow, at level 4, and mine might not be working as intended? I can look at the damage roll in the dialog box, and it’s 1d8 +10 ?? If I check the item’s own details, they suggest that damage roll should be 1d8 +2? But it also suggests the ‘damage when equipped’ would be 10-17, which is more than 1d8 +2. Am I missing something that the Xen Archer is doing to add damage?

I’m not complaining, but it was a massive and immediately noticeable power spike. At level 4, Lann gets two shots with this thing per round: he’s single-handedly clearing maps. It’s totally changed the way I play the game. Everyone is basically walling for or reducing AC on enemies for Lann. Again, a perfectly reasonable strategy. But it has become, BY FAR, the most effective strategy regardless of enemy or environment. Nothing else comes even close to this right now.


It’s a composite bow so it should add strength to damage - +3 from there
You probably are using deadly Aim, it’s +4 at level 4.
And with Precise Shot +1 when in 30 feat range.
With enhancement it adds up to +10.

Lann is really strong overall.

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Ah hah. Awesome. Knew I had to be missing something.

If you right click on damage it will break it down for you now.

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Didn’t know that. That’s amazing. Wish I knew that sooner, would save me some time :slight_smile: