Why is the Crusaders battles so damn terrible?

Did you guys think these systems thru?

30 zombies and 20 wight vs like 300 crusaders, 150 archers and 20 paladins

and these are the results?

First it seems undead are stackign soemthing called enervating attack up to infinitum, the comabt itself is stupidly bland and doesnt make much sence.

How did this come out of an alpha as it is?


This tells me barely anything of the unit, please change the whole system more akin to might and magic please.

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why doesnt it show the timer left on these banners?

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what is this bar and why doesnt it have a tooltip?

why does the combat log says turn 44 but we are only turn 6

why did i get some sort of “5 potions of power” at some point but there doesnt seem any way to see or use them both in battle or inventory?

is the infirmary working as intended?

It’s infirmary limit. You can have up to 100 units die and they will replenish after the battle. When the bar is full it means you exceeded the number and some units will permanently die.

I agree that UI of battles needs some more work.

The whole system is one big dumpsterfire and I can aleady tell that their Steam rating is going to drop severly once more players reach that part.
Worst part is that almost everyone told them as early as the alpha that the system is bad but Owlcat barly improved it.

Thats what happens when your “beta test” is a shitty paid marketting gimmick instead of an actual beta, SHAME on you Owlcat and shame on the whole gmaing industry lately.

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It’s in fact greatly improved over both Alpha and Beta.

For some reason people feel the need to complain about something and maybe are afraid to complain about the writing and they know that people piled on the Kingdom Management from the previous game so the Crusade gets dumped on.

It’s barebones but reasonably interesting and functional in this state. Less bugged than some classes.


It was somewhere in between. They can’t let the beta testers do too much or in house QA would be out of a job.

If you compare the result to, lets’ say, homm 3 (what was aimed for), it’s ok.
I agree: The crusade system is a bit old-school.
You have to fight 3-5 battles just to get the hang of how these units work.
Then again: It’s a crusade. Without army management, you’d be just some sort of scout.

:slight_smile: maybe it’s just me, but if 20 paladins can’t kill 30 Zombies without casualties, there should be more training time in basic camp.


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