Why do rations weigh 10 lbs per person per day?

It should be one pound per the rules. I’m fine with them weighing a little more to try to mitigate rest spamming, to include various camping supplies (though consumable tents and bedrolls is kind of dumb) or whatever, but 240 lbs of food for 6 people for 4 days is beyond silly.

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They are kind of optional. You can (and should) use hunting in most cases. Yes, you do need rations when you are trying to sleep inside dungeon or other place where there are no wondering wild life (to eat) around.

They are kind of way to prevent people taking, let’s say 60 of them and doing some big events at one run. Camping was (one of the main reason) made to prevent “normal” computer RPG “press R, wait for 10sec to screen go black and back, keep on killing” kind of playing.

Yes, I was allso bit concerned at first thinking how you might need to constantly go back at shop and buy more of them, but that is not a case. You soon learn to hunt and use rations only when really need to.

I believe ration includes water

For 10lbs it’s also include fire- and bulletproof container for your bread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, you don’t have to carry around that much.

As someone mentioned above, it’s a mechanic designed to make you go back home fairly often so that in-game time will pass and progress. Time is pretty important in this game.

It may be a small consultation to logic if you wanted a better in game justification you also have nothing else that could represent the weight of the wood your not chopping down, the tents your carrying, the pots/pans/utensles your cooking with, the tools your nominally maintaining your arms and armour with, or any of the other stuff you might need considering you could be out there for weeks potentially. And while this shouldn’t be a weight by unit thing it makes to pill easier to swallow.

I can understand the logic of making them heavy. My problem with rations is I can’t split them. I have 14 rations, I’d like to only carry 6 around and leave the rest at Oleg’s but I can’t seem to split the pile. This doesn’t seem to be serving any useful game function, just weighing me down with an extra 80 pounds.

Unless you’re low level and in a dungeon. In which case you WILL go back to the shop constantly. Also you can’t like hunt up extra food for whatever reason. Amani runs out, kills a deer, you eat like 1/20th of it and throw it away. The next day you’re starving cause you have nothing to eat.

The point about water is a fair one (since Paizo thinks you need like a gallon of water a day apparently, which is like 8 pounds of waterskin). It would’ve been cool to be able to fill up at the tons of rivers and streams one walks past. Or conjure it up or something since there are a bunch of spells in that vein.

Take them all out of the chest and exit that screen. It won’t let you split items while you are interacting with the chest for some reason. You should be able to split the stack by right clicking it from your inventory screen. At least, that’s how I was able to

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

According to Pathfinder RPG rules, Rations should weigh for 1 lb per character and water would weigh only for 2 lb per character. Making them weigh for 10 lbs is like eating a bear trap each day. Plus the camping stuff is supposed to be heavier depending on the type of tent (but it looks the characters are using plain bedroll for that, asusming they weigh for 5 lbs. There is really no reasons from the game rules that the ration weigh so much, especially when you’re in overweigh because of the rations gained during a fight with the lizardmen hunters.

I’ve advocated for removing the ration system entirely. As the original poster points out, it creates weight management issues for inventory. I seriously doubt that any of us would list inventory or weight management as a top reason that we enjoy playing the game. As a result, it adds a game system that frankly isn’t fun or very interesting.

What else do the rations accomplish? At some level, they limit the availability of per rest abilities. I agree that resource management is an important part of games and is quite fun and support this. However, rations don’t actually create resource scarcity because of hunting and the ability to buy rations in large quantities.

A better system would be something like what was implemented in Dresden—fixed points in dungeons where players can rest. Players don’t have to carry supplies, and there’s actual scarcity. I’d like to see fewer tests than there were in Dresden, but that can be changed by difficulty settings.

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It is becoming a real issue in WotR, where hunting is not possible most of the time.

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