Who we want as cameo from Pathfinder Kingmaker?

Good idea! I have just embarked on Kingmaker, but I know how involved I get with some characters.

If there would be a choice then definitely Nyrissa. From companions point of view it might be Jaethal as was most interesting one for me. Second place probably would be splitted by Nok-Nok and Jubilost.

May not make much sense but I would love to see Nok-Nok again. Seriously one of the best characters!

I wouldn’t mind seeing Shayni’ya the Tulip again (the artisan) so she can make me some Dueling Swords :grin:. As far as companions (if they include reactivity to previous game somehow), tristian in deva form would be cool.

Jaethal is my number one choice hands down. Depending on how you played her, it totally fits her story to come here with her “redeemed” ending (after watching the end of the game trailer) where she “leaves the kingdom to do what her new goddess asks of her.” I had to play the game like three times just to get that ending and it felt so short to enjoy playing her new personality.

I also want to bring linzi back, some sort of super secret reincarnate quest. I’m just mostly bitter she died with some really great gear that I couldn’t get back without a reload.

I always though it would be cool of I could recruit Annamede but it wouldn’t make sense for her as a cameo, just thought it would be cool.

Least favorite: listen I love to play neutral good but even I couldn’t stand Tristian…hard pass.

You may need to check out other endings.

Nyrissa could make sense as a cameo, assuming the “best” ending from Kingmaker, but maybe a cameo of others from the first world might be more fitting and less heavy handed.

The storyteller is already in the alpha. I wonder if thats it for the cameo or if theres someone aditional coming

There’s no ending where she’s still collecting grains. I made that pist under the assumption that Kingmaker and Wrath took place at roughly the same time like in the PnP, rather than Owlcat’s decision to have Wrath take place after Kingmaker.

In any case, Nyrissa is still a bad choice for a cameo, since she’s dead in some endings and alive in others. I feel like the cameo is going to be a character who has a 100% chance of surviving Kingmaker, regardless of the PC’s choices.

Yeah, honestly, I replied with the assumption that this takes place after Kingmaker just by the context of other replies in the thread. But after posting I went to find confirmation and couldn’t really find anything definitive.

They answered that on a Twitch Q&Q last month. Question 8

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Thanks, I had been relying on google searches and couldn’t pose a question that resulted in an answer.

No cameos, please. They never have—and never will be—a good idea. They are like an inside joke mixed with a rabbit hole. Half the audience doesn’t get it, and it’s almost always distracting from the main story. They are just ego boosts for Stan Lee, as an example, and video game characters thankfully do not need their egos placated.

Now, that’s a strong opinion.
Cameos would be no ego boost for anyone if people did not like them, so they’re not “just” ego boosts.
In a video game, they can be many things, depending on what character appears on what game, but mostly, it is just a tribute to either someone’s work or a well-liked character (and thus the work of the writer/voice actor/etc. behind) and a nod to sympathizers.

Also, in some cases, it also creates some link between seemingly independant games (or movies, novels, etc.). It makes the world seem just a little bit more alive, shows that there are things outside of this adventure path. In my tabletop games as a DM, I like to introduce NPCs who are either famous characters of that world (like one of the characters from novels in the FR), or a former PC who has retired. My players like it because of the link it creates with other stories.


There is already 1 cameo in aplha, that person has its own storyline with side quest. And it does seems to be spanning multiple chapter (though you could say that person’s story is drip feeded).
I wonder if it is Cameo from Social Goals or not.

Shyka the Many seems an alright choice to me if we are not touching companions.

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