Who we want as cameo from Pathfinder Kingmaker?

I really, really, want devs put a poll on this, even if choices are somehow limited.

I would personally love Amiri, even if she’s not playable companion. Nyrissa would be dope, and I would dislike Harrim as cameo.
Other than that, I would hate Jamandi Aldori as cameo, but Linzi as a book, not humanoid can return.
Oh, yes, don’t do male main character from Kingmaker, my main was woman.

Someone who wasn’t a companion gets my vote. I always felt that meeting ex-companion cameos in sequels are too much of “in the face”. On the other hand minor characters such as The Storyteller or Tsanna (possibly connected within demonic cults) would make decent sense to find in the Worldwound.

But please, please, pleaaase no more Maegar Varn. The Varnhold DLC being about him was more than enough for my taste. No need to go out of our way and have him as a cameo in WotR as well. That would be just overkill.


Probably not Amiri, since we already have our new Iconic…

Nyrissa wouldn’t make any sense. She’s trying to get grains for her cup, and her focus is entirely on the Stolen Lands. Shifting her focus north to the Worldwound would be detrimental to her goals, especially since she’d no longer be the biggest fish in the pond.

Again, I seriously doubt it’s Jamandi. Her focus is in Brevoy, not Mendev and the Worldwound.

Wrath’s startvtakes place around the same time as Kingmaker’s midgame, so Linzi is still alive and not book shaped. Even if she was, the King/Queen would never let her out of their sight, especially to the Worldwound.

The same feeling could be said of everyone whose main was a man as well.

In any case, the Kingmaker PC is possibly the least likely to cameo, as their race, gender, class, and alignment are player determined.

If your MC from Kingmaker returned, it would just be as an unvoiced stat block you could deploy during battle, which I wouldn’t find interesting in the least. Sort of like how Varnhold’s General can reappear in the main Kingmaker campaign but all he does is sit in the tavern.

My guess is, they’ll go the Baldur’s Gate 2 route and seed WotR with small references to Kingmaker’s joinable NPCs and maybe give a couple of them small speaking parts a la Quayle or Coran.

Or if they were looking for something even more low-effort, they could bring in a “lore dump” NPC from Kingmaker like the Storyteller to fill the same role in WotR.

If they stick to the timeline then it must be someone who leaves during Kingmaker, at least for a time.
So maybe Tristan when he is fleeing with the eye or smaller characters like Ivar (although that would make you sparing him canon).

I suppose the devs never specified whether it would be a party member or an NPC - probably because it doesn’t make a ton of sense to build a save import system just to determine which of your Kingmaker companions actually survived the House at the End of Time.

All that said? The Storyteller would be a fun way to get more exposition about the Worldwound’s history and past crusades. And some of those special item stories were pretty cool.

Jubolist seems like the companion most likely to make a cameo, due to his normal job of being an explorer/travel guru.

Shows up later in the game around when Kingmaker would have finished up wanting to do an interview/expose on the PC, drops hints of some of the story points for Kingmaker but remains quiet on most of the details or the final conclusion because, “the whole story is the passion project of a colleage of mine and she made me promise to not write one word about the whole affair until they’ve released the first copies of her.”

“Copies of… her?”

“HerS, as in her book of course. Has all that demonic screeching manage to damage your hearing? Or have you just been hit in the head too many times?”

The Storyteller seems like the most likely NPC. It would be interesting to continue expanding on who… and possibly what… he is.

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Jubilost was my first choice, but as it turns out, he is already in Wrath, at least he’s in the Alpha, and this was before the Social Goal was even reached.

Hmm… Well if Jubolist is already in, and Amiri is off limits due to her Iconic status, next likely companion to cameo IMO would either be Harrim or Nok-Nok.

I don’t think it’s going to be a companion at all, if only because the timeframe doesn’t work out (Kingmaker and Wrath take place roughly concurrently). An NPC with reason to be there is rather more likely.

Logically speaking best would be character that fate is independent of our decisions and presence doesn’t contradict with events and time span of Kingmaker. So characters like Linzi should be off the table if event happens at some point during Kingmaker events as Linzi can’t leave your party. Companions aren’t a good idea either as their fate is dependent on you including their death, meaning they would have to establish some decisions as canonical.

It could be something as simple as an emissary from your kingdom dropping off some supplies, sort of like what Maegar Varn does for you in Kingmaker. Your kingdom could be name-checked and perhaps the situation with Nyrissa referenced.

Cameo should mean physically appearing.

I know that the wrath ap happens around the same time as kingmaker but if Owlcat asked Paizo if they could move the start date a few years I doubt they’d say no. Opens up more flexibility for the cameo.

I just finished another playthrough of Kingmaker. If the cameo is anyone other than Storyteller, I will be incredibly surprised.

“After the victory, the Storyteller abandoned his affairs and began spending a lot of time alone in contemplation. He eventually bid farewell to the king and left his lands, but I suspect the inhabitants of Golarion haven’t heard the last of this mysterious traveler, for his own story is hardly finished.”

Someone from a certain potential vassal kingdom.

No one that could’ve died. I hate that crap it makes me feel like my playthrough didn’t happen.

Storyteller seems an obvious choice.

Maybe seeing the Storyteller, but not my PC or the companions.
Except Linzi, though I’d prefer something to bring her back. She’s the only one who didn’t get a real chance to be saved and was also probably the one who deserved the most to be saved. Being stuck in a book even when you love books is hell and Linzi was clearly devastated about it.
But back to cameo. Storyteller, Jamani Aldori, Kesten.

i think it will be someone like Ivar.

Great idea. I would like to feel something like I did past these days when I played BG 2 and met Minsc again. What a glorious feeling to see him again.

Regarding KM I would prefer to see Jubilost since he could live all the time without logic error. It would also be cool to see Nok-Nok as a hero / jester again depending of your choices.

At least I would like to read something about my original MC in KM since he played a enormous role in the world of Pathfinder, didn’t he? .

I would like to see them link to your save files and use the main from the most recent KM save. I can’t imagine it would be that complicated to extract the character.