White Skin & Red Hair for Aasimars

Hello all,

Id like to propose the addition of white skin color and red hair color for Aasimars. I always end up playing as either Elf or Aasimar but for some reason, Aasimars have only dark & light brown as skin options and only shining hair colors that dont match the skin at all.

I looked at Aasimars official Paizo entry and there is no mention of them being restricted to brown skin colors although the shining hair color is mentioned.

Below, the human model, looking a bit like Anne Hathaway, I used to try making an Aasimar version for. Keep in mind these are the Kingmaker models, not WotR.


And this is the failed version with the ‘closest resemblance’ to the human version.


As you can see, there are several shortcomings:

  • no white skin color
  • lips are lighter than skin (since skin is brown)
  • facial expression = zero, 100% works as stoic character
    but I want to play as a carefree Chaotic Good character
  • I had to use a mod that allowed the Human haircuts to be used
    and guess what, the red one still has a slight shine
    so in my opinion would work 100% as Aasimar hair



  • Aasimar skin needs white as option
    or even better includes all human skin options
  • Aasimar head needs NON-stoic, carefree version
    or even better includes all human head options (minus has shiny eyes)
  • Aasimar hair styles & color need LESS-shiny versions
    or even better includes all human hair style & color options
  • as an added plus, Aasimar eyes need NON-yellow as options


Please note this is not a thread intended to start a racial debate of any kind. Its only a thing Id like to see added in WotR that unfortunately has something to do with skin colors.



I second this, so freakin much! I love playing aasimars and would love to play one with pale skin and white/ashen hair. Just let us aasimar fanboi/girls have more options!


I third that as well because sometimes, I wanted to play an Aasimar character with minor indicators showing they are actually related to a celestial being. I don’t always wanted to have the same metallic hair shine/colors options or those glowing eyes every time I rolled one. Same thoughts for the Tieflings (think of Haer’Dalis from BGII or Valen Shadowbreath from HotU as examples).


More options are always nice. You don’t need magic to get a new hair cut or color.

While we are already here, non human aasimar and tieflings would also be great. The selection could be similar to godlike in PoE. This has no influence on game mechanics and the models exist already.


I’d be more interested if aasimars could be made less human-like. Like metallic skin, emerald eyes, plumage or beastial features to throw a bone to the various heritages. The glowing lipstick with LED eyes look never really did it to me. Also: non-human native outsiders. Pretty please, Owlcat? What’s not to love about dwarven-blooded aasimars or orc-blooded tieflings?

As for hair/skin/eye colors in general: One of my suggestions back in the surveys was to replace all static color “slots” with color sliders instead. Blonde dwarves, half-drow elves, and even chromatic dragon skin colors for sorcereres of all races could easily be achieved that way. AND it wouldn’t break the GUI. Things like the gnome character creation menu inside the alpha would be easily avoided.


I love everything about this.

Annnnnnnnnnnd the quote was removed.
To clarify, was referring to Kamigorosh’s post.

Make the Planetouched look LESS human, not more human.
Also Non-Human Planetouched.


I loved that you could choose phenotype for godlike in Pillars. Gotta play orlan for orlan reactivity though.

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Yeah, that was a neat touch.
If I ever get the game, I’m musing a Fire Godlike Aunuma or whatever the Fishmen are called.
Because I find the idea hilarious.


Yeah we need to able to display the races properly, mentioned something similar on my own Thread.

Hopefully the Oread will get a similar treatment for the ‘Gemsoul’ and ‘Ironsoul’ Alternate Elemental Heritages as well as what mortal descent they have.