Which Mythic Path do you plan on taking first?

Personally, I’ll almost certainly pick Aeon. I played a druid in the PnP campaign, and it seems like a good fit. I also like the idea of the time travel stuff.

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Most likely lich, will see. Some posts more or less hinted for Hellknights and they signifers so will see. Do I want to play “Deathknight” or more like traditional lich except signifer kind of war priest style…

Tiefling Bloodrager Demon, probably. Although Dhampir Druid Aeon would be pretty sweet as well.

Arcanist Angel or Trickster. I would prefer Angel, and Azata sounds good…

It’s between Angel and Azata at the moment, though I’m definitely intrigued by Aeon. Angel fits the alignment of most characters I play, and the abilities will almost certainly be useful if a little traditional. Azata has some unique features that sound really interesting, and I want to hear more about Aeon.

Azata or Angel for sure. Maybe also the “Legendary” Path.

I think I’m going with the Legend!

Legend. Turning undead or outsider is cool, but for 1st playthrough i´ll want just a super PC, like the TT mythical paths.

Legend, most likely. Although on subsequent playthroughs, I may try Angel or Azata.

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trickster sounds fun! messing with dice isn’t something any other path can do.

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Going to go the obvious choice for my first run; Aasimar Paladin on the Angel Path, the most LG thing I can think of.

Going to do a different race/class combination for each one, so afterwards, I’m going Dhampir/Cavalier/Lich, Tiefling/Bloodrager/Demon, Elf/Arcanist/Aeon, Half-Elf/Witch/Trickster, Human/Monk/Azata, and finally Halfling/Fighter/Legend.

Still need time to consider the new Gold Dragon/Swarm-That-Walks Paths.

Assuming we get Gold Dragon, that would automatically be #1 for me. Being able to play a dragon character, and specifically a gold which I find to be the coolest of the good dragons, has long been a dream for me, which makes this game a gaming dream come true. :grinning:

Gold Dragon first for me.

I have long wanted to make a mod for an empowered Dragon Disciple class that can excel at spell casting or melee combat depending on a special feat line chosen much like Ranger’s combat styles. Perhaps this Mythic Path will be what I always wanted. Well, if we do reach Modding Tools that are much easier to learn than trying to mod from scratch. I may still get the chance to maek the class I want.

Probably aeon or trickster, After all I’m fond of LN/CN arcane spellcasters. The lich is tempting thought but my interest in it will depend of what type of undead minions will have access to, if it’s only the basic zombies and skeletons is kind of boring for me.

It real really depends on what race wins the poll
If kitsune wins I will play a Skald Battle Scion and probably go trickster… if trickster doesnt have any powers that mesh well then I may instead go with azata.

If rat wins (discord general chat seems to have a vocal majority saying they will vote rat) I may end up playing either a ratfolk cavalier lich or a ratfolk druid swarm-that-walks

With the appearance of the Hagbound on the horizon, I have to rethink my plans.

Now I gotta go Ratfolk ('cause everyone knows they will surely win!) Hagbound Witch with Gyronna as deity and Hag’s Calling (plz include Special Patrons for witches, thnx!). And I just have to go for Legend. Because Baba-Yaga is a legendary witch in her own right. :wink:

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Azata Ancient Born Dhampir Cult Leader of Desna.

Aasimar Oracle Purifier Lich of that undead Goddess.

Angel Gemsoul Oread Hagbound Witch, do all kinds of good things and still end up with an evil alignment.

Demon Beast Rider (Sabretooth Tiger mount) Cavalier Beastbrood.

By that point I will see what DLC offers.

Lich, from the sounds of it, this may very well be Undead Horde levels of Necromancer goodness. In a Pathfinder Computer game setting, oh yes, count me stoked.

Trickster - because I’m a comedian by nature

One of two Aeon or Lich. Becoming a cosmic judge of balance sounds interesting, but on the other hand, the army of the dead…