Which companions do you hire / not hire / kill / romance?

Killing a person’s family for concealing family ties doesn’t sound too neutral good to me though…


I agree. I was just going to be honest about his identity and he provoked me. It is a lawful decision, but neutral good = mostly good choices with a few chaotic and lawful decisions sprinkled in.

After walking through their house of horrors and seeing countless torture devices, I’m pretty sure they’re heavy into BDSM or the closed off part of their house I can’t access is full of slaves.

Either way, they can both hit the road. I don’t have time for that.

Hire: everyone
Kill: Wenduag, Camellia
Never meet: the undead companions, since they are lich exclusives; as lich I collect all
Hire, but don’t use: Nenio, Ember, Lann, Sosiel, Regill , Woljif
Use: Daeran, Arue, Greybor, Seelah, (maybe Nenio)
Romance: ?

But the team and bench change a bit with the mythic path.

Gwerm is genuinely good guy. He really loves his daughter, way too much. So much he tries to protect her from outside world.


And outside world from her.

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I think of her as


a female version of Hannibal Lecter


I hire all the companions (except Wenduag) to make their quests, but play with 5 mercenary the rest of the time.

Hire: everybody other than Wenduag
Kill: Wenduag.
Use most: None
Bench: All
Romance: None, don’t like romance (okay i try some and didn’t like them :slight_smile: ).

Where is the fun companion ??? I didn’t find Nenio fun.
Nok Nok was fun and i like to take him in my party.
Morte in planescape torment was fun.
But here, i’m sad, no fun companion for me :disappointed:

Don’t like the companions in this opus.

I make no judgments on who can fight at my side. All are welcome to serve me in my mission to restore the cosmic balance. An Aeon does not begrudge the natures of various individuals from across the multiverse. As far as Camillia is concerned, I usually spare her on the condition that she looks for an alternative solution. Naturally, she doesn’t like lawful individuals, I however, care only that she respects my judgment. We shall most likely part ways, and I do not regret sparing her. It is unfortunate that she chooses to violate the laws of Golarion

I should note that I maintain that Arueshalae is best girl. Always. Next to Shayliss Vinder, she’s a Pathfinder memorable character.


To be honest for most games evil playthoughs are not valid enough to have their own path, in km didn’t feel that closed to evil because kindgom management got in the way. But it seems that there hasn’t been a genuinely good evil path overall, generally good campaigns with limited evil options. With that in mind. Primary party will be my char, wendy, daeren, arua(evil), woliff, regill/grey. With Lann, Camellia dying and the other good characters dying as characters can die in games like da2.

As for awkward shipping I plan on making my character playing as maximum horny demon. So Wendaug, pre-dead Camellia, Arue(evil), noct(if rumors true), areelu, and any of the succubii along the way.

Dont hire: Wenduag
Kill: Wenduag sorry Wendu the cannibalism is a bit much
Never meet: Delamere, might try a Lich playthrough eventually just to see the Lich companions
Hire but don’t use: Ember, Nenio, Regil
Use: Lann, Woljif, Sosiel, Seelah, Arue
Bench: Carmellia (for when Woljif goes MIA), Greybor and Daeran
Romance: Oh gods how do I choose??? Lann is the only one I’ve done so far but Arue and Daeran are both also appealing

I’ll defo change this up for different mythic paths but that’s what I’ve done so far

Don’t hire (until Act 3): Wenduag
Kill: Lann kills Wenduag for me when she goes back to her demon master in Act 4, Camellia gets killed by Anevia for me when I find out her secret
Never meet: Delamere
Hire but don’t use: Use all of them at some point in order to complete their quests
Favourites to Use: Lann, Woljif, Arue, Daeran Seelah
Bench (when not doing their personal quests): Ember, Greybor, Nenio & Sosiel
Romance: Daeran & Lann … but since Dae always manages to sweep my PCs off their feet each time I do a new path, I have a feeling that she will always end up with him. Lann is more like her best friend.

Don’t hire: Wenduag
Kill: Wenduag
Never meet: lich companions (prob change on next run)
Hire but fon’t use: none as I do all companion quests
Favourites to use: Seelah, Camellia, Nenio (as an arcane trickster), Daeran, Arushalae (Lann up til then)
Bench: Lann, Regil, Ember, Sosiel, Greybor
Romance: Arushalae (most runs so far), Camellia (on trickster run).

You can’t romance Cam before you learn her true nature

Started romance with Camellia as a trickster in Drezen. Certain invisibility potion event etc

You can actually run all 3 of those romances at the same time at the moment!


Damn, oh well, though I will probably do a more pragmatic(neutral play) with legend or trickster. If I were to guess Wen, neutral arue, ember, daeran, woliff. With a ‘’‘normal’’’ Wend ship. Though stuff is not set in stone, Sort of rpg starved and excited to see how much demon differs from a trickster/normie play though. Though once I clear the game on normal difficulty think I will just use ‘I already beat the game on normal so I am just going to play on easiest game mode’ to see the difference of the story. As for class you can’t go wrong with fighter and 2 bard levels for skill checks.

Don’t hire / Kill: No one - Everyone deserves a chance to be useful, even if they’re just demon fodder at the end of the day.

Hire but don’t use:

Camellia - She could at least be interesting if she’s going to have evil side hobbies. Just snooty, secretive, and useful in only a very select set of circumstances. No thanks.

Daeran - We get it - you’re Dorian Gray. Not much to contribute except ennui and healing.

Greybor - Crappy attitude and constantly asks for more money. I took him along for his specific hunt and as soon as he saw the enemy he ran away in fear. Bad show, little man. Bad show.

Arueshalae - Planescape Torment called and wants the worse version of Fall-from-Grace back. Buffy called and wants its revenge demon back. Etc. Tropes are boring.

Hire but only use selectively:

Wenduag - Her dialogue is kind of tiresome, but at least she seems loyal once you get her to acknowledge your strength. She’s the definition of expendable, but that’s not all bad in this setting.

Ember - Can’t justify bringing a child into war. I get that she has a very unique perspective towards it all but she’s been through enough and should be healing / inspiring people, not putting them to sleep so I can murder them.

Happily hire:

Seelah - A paladin with a personality! The strong right arm of the crusade. Good writing, design, and an auto-pick for the party.

Lann - The definition of a lad. Ridiculously adaptable, very loyal, and willing to wreck shit even though the clock is ticking on him.

Woljif - The problematic prankster in every friend group. He’s not a good person but he’s a really great mascot and I need him to pick locks given that Camellia will be riding the bench.

Regill - Who doesn’t want an angry murder gnome on their side? Just keep him on the front lines and out of politics.

Sosiel - Really wants to do the right thing and is fairly good at his role. No complaints.

Wish I could romance / BAE / whatiswrongwithyouall?

Nenio - Absolutely hilarious. I get that she’s not interested in romance, but I wish you could pose it as an experiment or something. 14/10 character.

Nenio does ask if you’ll “copulate” with her, as part of her “friend” experiment on the Nexus!

LOL! Perfectly in character. Love it.


People who doesn’t take Nenio is missing out on her dialogue with Baphomet, that alone is worth taking her