Which companions do you hire / not hire / kill / romance?


Curious. I just left Nenio where I found her and was wondering if anyone actually recruits her after her uber condescending talk.

I play: LG Hellknight / Angel

Dont hire: Nenio (Insufferable)
Kill: Wenduag, Camellia (use her till the turning point), Greybor (possible bug)
Never meet: Delamere
Hire but don’t use: The child. I’m not taking a child to war :stuck_out_tongue:
Use: Reg, Lann, Woljif, Arue, Daeran.
Bench: Wannabe saints Sosiel and Seelah.
Romance: Galfrey

I’m more interested in this statistics wise, not an analysis of the companions or something.

Lann flees and later gets mauled to death by his tribesmen. Not my fault, I didn’t even lift a finger on him. whistles

Who else… oh, remember that insane elf who gets killed by some crusaders early on? What was her name? Amber? Ember? Ah well, doesn’t matter. Seelah gets the boot because I am allergic to paladins. And I can’t wait to give Galfrey her just reward for throwing me into the Abyss merely to bolster her self-esteem. Sosiel’s wrathful side has potential. So it is kinda sad that in all my playthroughs, I did’t had much of a use for his build. That goes even more so for Lich runs.

Woljif is fun once he seizes his birthright. And I like to multiclass him into an Grenadier Alchemist.
Daeran’s awesome to hang around with. Except when I play a Lich. Then he gets the bench.
I like Camellia’s enthusiasm. She’s a promising young girl and fits seamlessly to any Lich or Demon party.
Regill is Regill. That alone is enough reason to have him around for any non-Demon run.
Nenio’s character is golden. A shame that I nearly always play arcane fullcasters and have no need for another one. The bench it is. And Papa Greybor always has a special place in my party. I value his professionalism in the art of murder extremely highly. Delamere, undead Staunton and undead Cier are core members of any Lich run. Of course I’ll take them with me.

My to-go romance has to be Wenduag. Best arachnid in the whole game. And her character is so much better than Lann’s.Arueshalae’s romance is -so- high maintenance and cumbersome to navigate through. I’ll probably try to romance her CE self, but have no interest in her CG side at all.


What kind of monster doesn’t like Nenio, she is this WOTR’s joke character, of course, you need her.
Owlcat proved with Harrim they can make these silly nonsensical characters that only exist to deliver funny lines.

Don’t hire: none
Kill: none
Never meet: any companion who is not part of Azata, Demon and Dragon mythic paths
Hire but don’t use: Regil
Use: dunno
Bench: dunno
Romance: not interested in love but I hope you can F**** some demon, dragon or whatever monster the game has to offer :crazy_face:



Romance: Wenduag is great because she’s down for anything, with anyone of any gender. Whereas Camellia will only romance male PCs.

Use: Delamere (she has a Slayer archer spec that can be useful), Ciar (Cavalier)
Bench: Sosiel, Staunton, Woljif, Arue, Ember

Nenio is fine as a companion but is often useless in combat. Sadly, the other fulltime caster options (Ember, Daeran) are even less useful and more annoying in dialogues, which is why I always end up with a merc or PC caster.

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Don’t hire: Lann, Nenio, Greybor
Get rid of: Woljif (can’t not hire him when i want to get Finn), Ember
Romance: Cam, Arue, Daeran, Sosiel, Wendu, Galfrey
Break their companion quests on purpose: Lann, Ember, Sosiel
Use: None


So up to now we have Wendu top romance. Wow. And surprisingly Ember is below Nenio? Have to admit Ember comes across as a character to be shown a lot of love while placed in a safe and protected environment. I just take her to her quests, roll my eyes and try to explain reality as politely as possible. Then I bench her again.

@Kamigoroshi But Her Majesty knows best and is to be obeyed and admired and worshipped no matter what…
@Dodo1610 No Regill? Blasphemy!
@LichPlease Ciar?
@chiaslaufis lol. I did the same in KM. Everyone but Tristian. When I told Valerie ‘Its just sex’ she inexplicably dumped me…

Ciar is a quest giver who can be recruited on some mythic paths.


In conversation, you can always torment him over the death of his son, who you killed.

Oh thats interesting. Which ones?

The Lich can make him an undead servant, if you trick him into getting himself killed.

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For the purposes of my CG Aasimar Court Poet Azata run:

Don’t Hire: None - willing to give anyone willing to fight demons a chance.

Kill - Camellia at turning point: the ends never justify the means.

Never Meet: Any Path Exclusive companions outside of Azata.

Hire But Don’t Use: Regill: If fascists want to throw themselves at demon hordes I won’t stop them, but he’s not getting anywhere near my inner command circle.
Lann: use up until recruiting Arue. Lann’s good people but LN cramps my style.
Nenio: It was her or Ember, and I went with Ember for thematic party synergy.
Daeren: he’s fun, but he’s a bourgeois ***hat. More fun when forced to actually suffer consequences for his actions.

Use: Seelah: Number one shield sister. A paladin that knows how to let down her hair. One of my favorite iconics. Coming along on any good-aligned run.
Woljif: every group of friends needs it’s Jean-Ralphio.
Sosiel: soft boy with buried rage issues, a reach weapon, and he paints? Let me fix you.
Ember: I actually think they’re not quite nailing her characterization and coming up short on a potentially amazing companion. But I like that they’re actually playing around with the vast life-span gulf between elves and many other humanoids and willing to see if they can stick the landing with her.
Arueshalae: My MC was reserving the UHAUL at “Hello”.
Aivu: Best. Girl. 'Nuff said.

Romance: See Arue entry above.

(How is “Bench” different from “Hire But Never Use”?)


Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I think if our parties were both fighting demons we’d be sitting across the camp glaring at each other… lol.

Bench / Hire but never use.

Bench are those guys that are my backup. If for some reason I am short of a party member, Regill or Lann have some serious business to attend to, I will get one of the two do-gooders that make my stomach turn with their hypocrisy and incompetence. (Sry… couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Hire but never use: I will go out with a party of 5, 4, 3… hell, I’ll go solo and I will bleed but I will not under any circumstances take Ember with me. She is a child.

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Ah, gotcha, thanks for the clarification!

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In that case, Lann and Nenio would fall under “Bench”, as I am happy to use them when appropriate, and Daeren and Regill would be Hire But Never Use.

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Well here i go! Azata Fanboy is on the run !! If someone didnt get it: SPOILER ALERTS!!!

Dont Hire: People I dont hire get killed

Kill: Camellia ( I woud even kill her on evil run, cause shes decimating my army lol,), Wenduag (I like Spiders, I like Long Legs, I Like evil Girls, but Evil Spidergirls with Long Legs?! Wähhh)

Hire but dont use: Why shoud I hire someone for my bench?? It woud ruin its colour painted with the blood of my enemies

Hire: Seelah (Paladin with stylish hair, sense of humour and big sword!? Count me in), Lann (Sarcastic ugly Mongrel, who makes me look like a Superstar?! Count me in), Ember (Sweet little girls and buff bot vs demons? Dont count for the demons i say), Daeran (Evil Blond boy, I-dont-give-a-fuk-about-humanity behaviour and Draco Malfoy flashbacks?! Count me double in), Greybor (professional Assassin and MC “Mr Moneybag” go hand in hand),Aru (cause reasons…see below

Use: All my little boys and girls
Ab-Use: Aivu cause fluffy sweet little dragon girl as a meat shield does give away a delicious aroma when roasted,resureccted and roasted again,
Romance: Aru!Aru!Aru!Aru,shes a succubus, Recruit Chapter 2 as azata,shes a succubus, never regreted it, best waifu of my life, killed my depression, made me see my mistakes in my whole real life and did i already say shes a succubus… <3

What the fuk is Nenio??!

I will recruit everyone just so I can see what interactions I get with different mythic paths.
But I do not use Nenio, cant stand her.

I mostly play Neutral.
Hire: everybody other than Lann
Kill: nobody or Lann.
Use most: Wenduag, Camelia, Ember, Nenio, Arue
Bench: Regil, Sosiel, Seelah
Romance: Wenduag

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Nenio is problematic. I get that she’s supposed to be funny, but she isn’t.

I enjoy Seelah because she’s an iconic and shows me what Pathfinder thinks a Paladin should be—so that’s informative. She’s also relatively human—which is appealing/refreshing in this AP (but might be boring in another). I also like a paladin’s alpha strike potential with partywide Smite. For similar reasons, I find Lann’s humanity, grief and desire to do something with his short life and Wenduag’s harshness to be extremely refreshing, believable and understandable reactions to their lives. I wish I could have both of them and listen to them argue/banter.

Camelia is mysterious to me. I like mysteries. For similar reasons, I like Daeran—a tragic mystery is even better.

Sosiel’s story didn’t connect with me—probably because his dopey artwork—and I find his personality a bit too close to Ember—I find naive optimists unbelievable in the middle of a demon apocalypse m/century long war.

I’ve never liked the obsessive scientists trope or foxes—so Nenio is out.

I really like redemption/fall from grace stories and like Arue.

I’m neutral on the remaining companions—Regill, Woljiff, and Greybor.

Since I custom create an entire party, I get to be very choosy when it comes to the companions I share my xp with.

I leave Daeren in his party house. I take Woljif through his first quest and then I tell him to hit the road. Camellia stays with me until I go to her house, discover that their family is fake, and then kill them. Regill gets wacked at the cave. Wendaug gets dumped asap. Lann gets dismissed as well.

I’m trying a neutral good play through so I get rid of the evil douchebags as quick as I can.

I’ve never been able to take Wendy over Lann but I sometimes pick her up on the rebound and other times I just kill her. I use everyone else here and there but my favorites are the more good
and free spirited companions as I tend to go Angel or Azata.