Which classes would synergize with gold dragon mythic path?

As the title say, I was wondering which class and which first mythic path would go well with gold dragon path, I don’t even know what feats/magic work under transformation.

Any idea?

All magic and feats work in human or dragon form. I wouls say best would be mystic thurge or any class would do which doesn’t really on mythic bonuses form other paths. Unfortunately this point its just grade from any other path. And i dont recommend play build specifically around dragon path because will play 18lvs i with retarded character who sits in back line.

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Ok thanks I didn’t know it would come so late. I’ll just go with a bloodrager/dragon disciple then, it will be close enough ^^

Also can take one level in oracle for extra attack and conversion dex to ch for ac bonus. I you plan make biting you thing.

I’m planning to make my scaled fist monk into a gold dragon, I hope the buffs from the path synergies well but if not it fits with his gold dragon bloodline story in my head.

How does oracle provides extra attack end dex->cha AC conversion?

Yeah I am RP first, but I am trying to be careful, after playing the gema I realized it is rather serious difficulty wise so I try to avoid build fails

One of oracle curses wolf scared gives 1 bite attack and if you take nature mystery closer to nature or something like. It makes so DEX AC bonuses are based on CHA instead of DEX and that means you can dump DEX if you are STR based build. I am doing thins with my shape shifting build.

damn thanks that is big! I guess high AC characters use both this and monk wisdom AC bonus

Actually you can use scaled fist and both stack from CHA. Not even sure if its bug or not.

Just adding one level of scaled fist and one level of witch?
on the other hand the build gets weird and non rp and I tend to stay away from that. But even then it is interresting to witness how far people can go to maximize

It’s not a bug. Monk don’t convert your Dex to AC bonus. They just add another stat (CHA or WIS) to AC bonus. So it stack. I should also say that when you polymorph you lose all of your bonus bite (Race, Curse). But it’s good early.

Well ***. Then i need to restart since front liner with 1 attack is worthless. So much for shapeshifter

Shapeshifter gain attack based on what they polymorphe. So even with a full BAB class polymorph into a Dragon they still have ‘only’ 5 attack like a Sorcerer. But like a said, early, you will not be able to polymorph into strong being until level10-12, so have some bite is still good early.

Well You can polymorph yourself into a dragon at level 3 when you get to the tavern if you want to use 2000 gold to buy the spell scroll. It’s not cost efficient but it does make things like the tavern defense or an optional boss WAY easier when you have 5 attacks and a breath weapon

Is limited stock or endless? And does scroll work with enduring spell feat?

It is a limited stock, about 4 or 5 scrolls but there are a few dragon options (silver and green off the top of my head) it also has wyverns, greater smellidon and all elder elementals. So there are plenty of scrolls. They last 1/level so they last awhile. I’m not sure if they work with the mythic feat, but I see no reason why they would not. They restock weekly I believe