Where was the update you promised 2 days ago?

Again another empty promise, update was prolly rejected because it didn’t actually fix anything,

Give people refunds already


I imagine it was rejected. I hope they understand that some of us will deal with this crap because we like the game but more casual gamers will probably ditch this series. Such a waste because the game itself has issues but is great fun.


I bought the game for $39.99 on Xbox two days ago after reading the sticky saying the patch would be out October 5th. I’ve only put 5 mins into the game so I can still refund it (Xbox policy is played less than 1 hour and bought less than 2 weeks ago). I wish the devs would give us an update on the October 5 patch. This sucks. I’ll give it another couple of days and then I’ll refund.

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I can understand them trying to be careful with what they say but I think the silence is clear it had to have been rejected. Hope not fingers crossed. NM just saw someone say it’s live on xbox. Haven’t seen it on ps4 yet but guess it’s coming still.

for historical posterity, were still waiting on a patch