Where in Golarion is Ekundayo? - BUG?

So, I was wondering when I would meet my final companions as I’m now well past the season of the bloom and it turns out - I’m missing Ekundayo.

So I figure, I’ll go to google, maybe it’s an obvious miss and people are saying “Ruined Watch Tower”, I’ve even watched some videos.

I’ve passed through this places once or twice, including during Chapter 2, he has never been there. In fact, if I go to where he should be there is a small pool of blood?

I checked my mission logs (Journal) and I have some comments relating to him.

“You killed the troll, shame Ekun wasn’t here, go tell him about it”… but I’ve never met him, nor is he where he is suppose to be?


You have to meet him him before finishing the trolls lair. Once you complete the quest there it despawns him and Jubilost (I missed him.) Yes it even gives you the journal info for Ekun if you don’t have him. Its because of that info i even knew to go look up where to find the dude.

It’s not broken per say… just REALLY bad and incredibly poorly done. They both need another flag or some other way to get them. Have them come meet the baron or meet them on the road. Hell let eight eyes invite them if you missed them and make us pay a small fine just some second way too meet them.

Not sure if it really is “broken” more like a feature. You can choose if you go there. It is kind of same like if you choose NOT to go for certain camp OR just ignore slaves you do not meet Octavia and Reg.
It is kind of true that you can by mistake miss some of the content but it is RPG, so your PC kind of make his own choice and based on these (not to go these places at a time) your PC do not meet some of the potential NPC’s who might otherway join in party.

I see it more of the good thing, it mean that in another play through you see other NPC’s, other places and get different experience. Definetly good point is that game still do not force you to miss some companions like some games and that way “force” you to play multiple times.

The annoying thing is - I remember passing through the Ruined Watch Tower before I had done the Troll Questline, and even followed a wolf - there was just no one there and the wolf vanished into the underbush.

I did find slightly further down some bones in the bushes and I just assumed at the time - that this was just a clever nod to a wolf that ate someone.


I’m just running into this issue now, and I would agree with this if it were just a matter of which characters you could get. The problem I have right now is I have nobody to staff espionage, and I cant get anybody to staff it. I’m locked out of having 10 advisors (unless there is somebody I can pick up that I’m not aware of.)