Where Did You Get That Dress? It’s Awful! And Those Shoes and That Coat! Jeez!

Not so serious title, serious question.

Aesthetics are important in a game for me. I’ll make tactically unsound decisions simply because I don’t like the visual appearance of something.

I don’t just dislike the inquisitor garb, I absolutely abhor it. I literally am incapable of playing my favorite class simply because I cannot watch that horrific red had that sticks out like a beacon on the screen on my supposedly “stealthy” inquisitor of Norberger.

I tried taking another class first thinking that your level 1 class determined your garb. Nope, it’s the class you have the most levels in.

  1. Has anybody thought of/figured out anything regarding character aesthetics. Hell, I’ll hack the save file to change her clothes if it works.

  2. Have the developers considered at all garb that’s not tied to our classes? I really don’t get the class-based garb; it makes trying to differentiate between a barbarian of my choosing (that I’d like to have look more like a monk) and Amiri difficult.

you actually see a characters clothes …
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Having a “Garb selector” would be cool. It’s just more work, though.

They could replace the ‘body selector’ section of character customization with ‘garb selector’. We already know that all of the gearsets are implemented in game. Splitting the links between class & garb is a relatively cheap way of further customizing your character and its something that I would be happy to see implemented.

Like a “clothing” slot where you could drop in any garb (and they could invent more should the game go well and there’s an eventual budget to do so.

I was actually thinking a permanent choice at character creation, but I like a clothing slot much better.
Would allow for some better clothes once you became baron… could look the part as well as having the title.

I wonder if they will include armies that have other effects besides A.C

Agreed, most of the class “garbs” are rather ugly. I’d prefer if there was a clothing slot instead of being forced to wear something based on the class you are most heavily invested in

BK might be able comfirm/deny, but I think they said there’s possibility we might be able to change the colors of the clothes, Otherwise, we’ll likely get a cheat code that makes clothes be a psychedelically colourful as the shirt of one of the dev, not that I think wou’ll like it, but it’s different from the inquisitor’s garb. Pick your poison.

No idea if this will be a thing but I’m forwarding it as a feature request right now.

i can still remember dragon age origin mage hats:( let’s hope the outfits are not as bad as that

We can attach images? When the hell did that feature get added to the forum and how did you get it to work?

go into advanced settings look for attachments its at the top I cant tell if it has worked if you can see the picture than it has worked

Can not see the picture (can not download either - says “you have to login”).

Even I can’t see the attached picture. Not sure this feature really works properly.
I did forward the whole attire change thing as a feature request, though.

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Outfits are a great idea for purchasable DLC, along with animal companions and additional classes and races

I was kind of assuming that because you CAN change your weapon, armour, rings and so on you can (naturally) buy what ever outfits you find nice and wear them. Maybe in 5 year grow a beard, change a hair style, do some makeup and so on. After all 5 year is kind of long time to NEVER change your clothes…

Well… you say that… but…