When will Oracle be fixed?

It has been completely broken since this mornings patch. I’m just curious if there is a time frame for when Oracle will be playable again?

I can play a life oracle without problems. Only thing that does not work is the preview of the Nature oracle, as I could not see any info on the creation screen.
I suppose there might be problems with respeccing from what I read.

Originally I had problem adding it as a second class with Nature. Then I went to character creation later and couldn’t get past the revalation. It never showed up in its place not matter what I chose.

Yea afaik you cannot create Oracles at all in beta 3. The revelation selection seems to bug it out

Oracle’s work, but you can’t click on nature (to even view it) or else it will bug out the UI and prevent even non nature types working.

Knowing this I was able to make and level a oracle from 1-20 (mods) and didn’t have any issues.

I still can’t get past the spell selection screen. I have to go back then forward and can get to that point but have found no way to get past spell selection. It’s really a shame. Oracle is used in so many builds and to have it completely unplayable in B3 when release is right around the corner makes me wonder how bugged the “release” version of the game will be and not just bc of oracle. There are still a lot of bugs in game. Major bugs. I hope I’m wrong.