When to install the DLCs?

This might be an incredibly stupid question. I am now about 150 hours into the game and I just learned there are several DLCs for Kingmaker :blush:

I’ll try not to spoil anything (and please don’t spoil anything for me!) but I am at a point where something has happened in Varnhold and I must go there to progress the main story. And as usual, I must hurry as I only have a few weeks to complete it.

My question:
I see there are three DLCs:

  1. Varnhold’s Lot
  2. The Wildcards
  3. Beneath the Stolen Lands

Does it matter how far I am into the game when you install them?

I’m especially concerned about Varnhold’s Lot. I’m afraid it will spoil the story of what is still ahead of me in Kingmaker.

Also: I barely have time to go on adventures as I can hardly leave my barony for two weeks without something going down the drain. Will there a point in the main story where I have more time for sidequests? If not, I might consider a second playthrough where I don’t care that much about my barony :joy:

Many thanks in advance.

  1. Varnhold’s Lot is a separate campaign where you create a unique character and then import the save game to your main playthrough after completing the 4-8 hour DLC playthrough. Unfortunately, you get prompted to import the save game immediately after receiving the quest to investigate Varnhold so you’re likely going to need to start a new playthrough if you want the full experience.

  2. The Wildcards introduces the Kineticist class and Tiefling race and you won’t be able to make your character either of those without starting a new game. It also introduces two romanceable companions but their quest is reliant on two encounters you have with them in Jamandi’s Mansion. The first is during the opening of the game and the second is during the celebration where you’re named baron. Seeing as both of these have already happened in your playthrough, you’re probably gonna have to, once again, start a new one if you want the full experience.

  3. As for Beneath the Stolen Lands, it’s best to tackle each level of the dungeon as it pops up to take full advantage of the loot and XP but it’s not a necessity. It’s more of a side DLC so I don’t see any reason why you’d have to start a new playthrough for it.

  4. Don’t worry too much about stuff happening in your Kingdom. With a few exceptions, it’s mainly there as a side thing you can do that you should just ignore if it’s distracting you from adventures.