When the patch arrive?

I have noticed a community manager say 16 th september but we haven’t news, anybody says the days where the patch arrive in console ?

Very interested in this as well, as I’m sure many of us are, anyone know what time of day the last patch came out?

I’m hoping for one soon as I am sure most of us are, just hope the devs have fixed the major issues

I’m playing really really slow because of this patch waiting. Still at chapter 2…

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I still had major bugs on chapter 2 that ended my game, hope you don’t run into any

me too i am block in the chapter 2 with corrupted news saves…

Can I ask you which bugs?
Want to check If I have to fear about some of them.

U can kill Stag Lord but dont enter chapter 2. Your save will be doomed. Xbox One X here.

If you have corrupted saves on a PS4, I have found that (potentially losing a bit of progress), but the auto-upload feature of sending saves to the Playstation cloud has saved me a few times. I have been able to download un-corrupted save files.

Had seeds of sorrow bugged, no tristian
Sorrowfall had no exits when entering map
After troll trouble all my saves when loaded had wiped my previous quests and they were listed again in my journal

With a lot of labor on my end, i’ve managed to get to chapter 4. But that involved extensive manual management of save files, crashes, restarting, reloading, etc… starting to feel like a job…