What would be a good unarmed/nonpolymorph claw build?

I considered something that stacks unarmed and bite/claw/gore attacks, something along the lines of:

Kitsune (for bite attack + Vulpine Pounce)
Angel Mythic Path (for extra haste attack)
11 Scaled Fist Monk (for 9 attacks, Flurry of Blows)
4 Bloodrager Primalist (Serpentine, Beast Totem)
2 Vivisectionist (for Feral Mutagen)
2 Stalwart Defender (for Smash)
1 Oracle(Nature’s whispers, wolf-scarred)

Mythic Path notables:
Close to The Abyss(another horn attack)
Limitless Rage(for Instinct Warrior and Serpentine respectively)
Mythic Charge (Vulpine Pounce+1d6 on each of these attacks)
Mythic Sneak Attack (1d6 on each of those attacks)
Improved Critical(Claws)
Weapon Focus (Claws)
Flawless Attacks
Mythic Weapon Finesse

Thoughts on this build? How would you go around a unarmed build? The most popular Ive seen was something like 18 scaled fist 2 paladin but I’m curious if better options are available. Thank you!

If you dare to follow the Demon path, then you could go for Marilith Form together with Endure Spell. I had 12 attacks and wasnt even optimized. Just bloodrager 20.

  • You gain 6 additional attacks with Longswords and Tail.
  • You gain the “Deadly Natural Weapon” Feat: +2 stacking enchant bonus to any natural weapon or demon form weapon (Balor’s Sword, too). Further, all attacks are made at max BAB, except from main hand. And all ignore damage reductions.
  • And I think theres a demon aspect that grants another bite attack.

Seems like Demon is the way to go for maximum natural attacks… ehh, seems like stick to my good ol’ fists rather than rely on dip gimmicks for maximum bites. I’ll come back to this attempt on a Demon playthrough.