What’s Your Favourite Deities

My favourite deities are Nethys Calistria and Sarenrae

Probably Gyronna, Lamashtu, Urgathoa and Zyphus. Although I am also all for dual deities like Gozreh and Nethys.

Honorably mentioning goes to the Iron Gods. A.I. turning into gods are just so interesting!

Groetus and Rovagug to a lesser extent. I like deities that focus on destruction, particularly the inevitable destruction of all things over time. That’s why I loved Rymrgand in Pillars of Eternity. I also like Cayden Cailean because he’s the gigachad of Golarion.

Sarenrae is my favourite. But i have a soft spot for Nocticula (she´s a goddess in Golarion current time).

Groetus - really like the mystery.
Nethys, Iori - like gods of knowledge and magic and they attanained divity themself. Add Zohls to this.
Rovagug - like him because he seems to be one of strongest gods and as spawns interesting enemies.

Phasmara - I allways like non evil death gods.

Abadar, God of Capitalism (best God).

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