What other computer games you have backed and are waiting for?

Yep, I know. I even finally decided to back them.
But I’ve still got my concerns.
And to be honest in video and scrinshots local graphics are really… 2000s. Not that technical part of visual is important for me but in Geyser it’s really noticeable.

Now when time have go on a bit I can add a few game to the list:

  • Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen
    A classic single-player RPG featuring a party-based character system and tactical turn-based combat evolved from the SRD 3.5e ruleset. It make bold promises, time will tell if it really become another classic because of story like Baldur’s Gate (or Pathfinder Kingmaker) OR because of “complete toolset and you can already start to create your own adventures, dungeons or entire campaigns.”. It is told to be able to create even Pathfinder adventures, worlds and adventure paths… …will see. Naturally you need to create some things in your own if you want to make new monsters or so (make animations and so on).


  • Nighthawks The Vampire RPG
    We all (?) remember and love Vampire the Masquerade back in 90’s RPG and LARP, allso there is demo to play and try out at kickstart page so…


  • Encased — old school isometric turn-based RPG
    It take plenty from Fallout (orginal one’s, I & II, there is plenty to wish and hope for… …time will tell.