What kind of mods do you want/want to make?

Assuming player modding gets in (who are we kidding, of course it will :smiley: ), I figure it might be helpful to let Owlcat know what the community would want in terms of how deep we might want to go. Do we just want cosmetics or the ability to add whole new systems? Judging by the Kingmaker mods, I suspect strongly toward the latter.

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I tried to make a Dragon Disciple Mod for Pathfinder Kingmaker to make the class better and to provide two paths one for Melee players and one for spellcasters. The mod would have really buffed the class to the point where if you went the “mage” path you sacrifice nothing by going full mage. No lost spellcasting levels and in addition you will gain scaling SR and at least 1 additional CHA tick and a lesser fear effect. If you went "melee path, you gain half spellcasting levels, half the SR you would get in mage path, a stronger fear effect, more strength and natural armor, and FULL BaB. As an additional cost, you will have to use the feat you otherwise would have used on something else to go down one of these two paths.

It is my hope that modding tools will make it more than possible for me to learn to make and implement without having to learn the C sharp Unity code base.

Well, one “simple” idea is:

Ability to create other adventures. Yes, it would need map making and scripting and would need HUGE amount of time.

But idea to play let’s say Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Pathfinder Kingmaker or totally “new” modules from Pathfinder, (A)D&D games and so on using these classes, rules and so on what we get from this game… …now that would be nice.

Most likely that is not possible but one can dream. If not I will be happy with mods like “200 new portrait for your game” :smile:


I’m not a programmer, and I’m a sucky 3D artist, but I would love to mod in a way to make custom races at character gen as per the rules in the SRD. With custom models to go with it. (Maybe made a nod to Sir. Bearington with a custom bearfolk race or a fleet footed deer race, or make minor tweeks to existing races.)

Also crafting… even if it’s an NPC you pay to do it for you- I hated that i couldn’t find the perfect gear for a particular build i wanted to play in kingmaker. (Why cant i find agile breastplates or mythral chain shirts?)

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I’d like to see the ability to mod in new NPC’s. That’s one of the things that made the Baldur’s Gate series so popular for so long. I understand that there’s a limited amount of resources available for the development team, and there’s only so many NPC’s that can be written before the game has to come out. I also understand that we can make our own party using mercenaries, but those aren’t what I’m talking about. I want to make NPC’s that have dialogue with the PC, have their own quests, possible romance options, etc.

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Modding is made essentially of 3 main points:

Assets: New resources (3d models, audio, vfx, props etc)

Mechanics: altering the game ruleset.

Content: new adventures, custom campaign etc.

Unity, AFAIK, isn’t the most mod-friendly engine (or rather, it WAS not).

So, personally, I’d love to see all of them nicely bundled with an editor since Unity is a nightmare to mod. I am concerned, however, that this is hugely unrealistic and thus may consider retracting my pledge.

There are however a number of solutions to make each as accessible as possible.

Im not going to ask in the main forum as the term “Walk toggle” tends to bring up a lot of arguments. However I would really like to have to option Especially in hubs (Aka, in Pf,K. I really wanted the option to walk around the throne room and town where it kinda made sense). Im aware that many people prefer to move fast. So hoping that getting it in a .mod would bypass the arguments of what playstyle is better.

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Either something that alters some loot tables based on your current party/class composition, or something that lets you enchance your older gear so that it remains viable longer if you cannot find something else to replace it over a long period of time.

One of the things that bugged me about Kingmaker is that you rarely ran into weapons of any type that weren’t something your companions specialized in. The gear variety didn’t open up until around halfway through the game, when you started getting more atrisans and finding gear beyond +1 enhancement.

As silly as it may sound, a fond feature of the Aurora toolset in NWN was being able to play a movie file. I only used it once or twice, and saw it around that same time, but I loved it.

I really would like to see mods introducing new joinable custom NPC’s to the game. There were some nifty ones way back in older games.

I’d really like to see a simple tool to create new classes that’ll let you decide BAB progression, spellbooks and spells, special class features (i.e. put stat X to Y), to copy other classes’ features etc.

I want access to Owlcat’s official toolset, plus documentation.

I want Chris Avellone in my home to GM me an Pathfinder adventure, after all it is soon my birthday.

But seriously. Be carefull what you wish for, if you actually would get full access to Owlcat’s official toolset (not Unity what is not they official but all extras you get after buying Unity) and all documentation (in russia and most likely in short terms what only they know what it actually mean) you would most likely do not be extra happy.

I would like to see “dummy” version of they toolset, made for us with help menus and stuff what will make people like us who have not used Unity, Photoshop, Maya and so on for 10+ year or so allso be able to create some content :slight_smile:

It probably goes without saying that we wouldn’t want to lose any mods currently available in Kingmaker. So the real question is, what sorts of mods would players like to have but don’t currently because Kingmaker is fairly mod-unfriendly?

I think BG provides a solid point of comparison because it’s a similar game to Kingmaker but with greater mod-ability. And you see a lot of the same type mods for both games: new class/kits, ruleset tweaks, portrait packs, convenience tweaks (like an always-on highlight button), etc. But among the most popular BG mods are new joinable NPCs who banter with existing companions and comment on plot developments over the course of the game. That makes me think greater support for plug-and-play joinable NPCs should be a high priority in WotR.

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as I said, a frontend while leaving most of the options unhardcoded-softcoded will be enough.

My main hope as a mod user would be to get Bag of Tools for WotR in the same awesome form as we currently can enjoy it with KM… on top of that, if required, something like Visual Appearance Changer, to get rid of ugly backpacks or quivers from inactive weapon sets, etc…

Gameplay-wise, anything giving me more magic, especially if it came with its own set of VFX and audio for spells (D:OS2 modding community did some fantastic work there!), that’d be amazeballs deluxe.


I mean… http://unity3d.com/unity/download

That’s most of it, probably. The “toolset” they made is at best the API they developed for the integral systems.

I would like to see the multiple classes per level mod make a return, I would love to see path of war or psionics get modded in, and finally I really want a multiple romance mod

Custom classes would be great, even at the “cut and paste” level. Which i suppose becomes just opening up for choosing any abilities. I don’t know how easy/possible it will be to design new abilities. At best it should let me add whatever on every level. If i want to add an attribute point on every level it would be great if it allows me to.

And a mod that i used when playing DOS2, “increased party capacity” (or something) allowing more than the normal amount of companions. It always felt wrong to me that i have companions that i do not take with me. So i played through DOS2 with all 6 characters. Didn’t work perfectly since i had to choose between two of them at one point but nearly perfectly. I don’t know how difficult this would be. Animals Can clearly be added beyond the 6, so maybe not extremely difficult?
Luckily KM didn’t require travelling with the companions to unlock their quests…

Something that would be very difficult i imagine and would maybe need to be done by the developers if it is to happen, is enforced formations. In KM the characters travel freely, it is just their destinations that are enforced to be in formation. (“Dammit Octavia, why are you running at the front?!” )
But then the TB mod was done as, well, a mod, so maybe…But i wouldn’t want to try it (to start with anyway).

The “more levels” mod might be interesting aswell.

On something minor, maybe see if there is any place that a short description of the stat levels can be put in (15 wisdom: “You possess exceptional wisdom and willpower”)

Something like the mod tool/construction set from games such as Neverwinter Nights1, Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls would be bomb. I still play all those games thanks to the tools and I’d love to be able to do that for Pathfinder.

In general, adding NPCs (with quests and/or romances, why not), custom weapons and armor, retextures (I missed having completely white and gold armor with my Paladin in Kingmaker), houses, and misc world building.