What kickstarter Stretch Goals would You Like to See?

For me more races, maybe a few more classes, and a couple more Mythic Paths.

More non-human related races for sure.

I mean, out of all currently known playable races for WotR only 4 out of 10 don’t have any blood ties with humans. The rest are either full-blooded humans, half-blooded humans, or three-quarter humans. That’s just overkill.

I would like to see “semi-intelligent weapon”, like Lilacor was in BG2, but with more intelligence. Kind of “extra companion”. It would give you a quest (and let you wield it if you promised to do that quest) to find out what happen to his current companion and wielder. If (when) found out (s)he is dead (maybe by decades allready) you (or one of your companions) might become it new wielder and trusted travelling companion. There are even rules for intelligent weapons in Pathfinder so… :slight_smile:

But problem for this one is: How developers would know what weapon to make? So I guess if kind of early stages of the game player would hear rumours from certain important weapon and be asked which one they would like to know more (let’s make boring example and say they hear from it at fortune teller). Now based on they choice back there they would later have a change for encounter where to meet this intelligent weapon.

From lowest goal to highest

Alignment restricted weapons.

Antipaladins and Iron Tyrant.

More non-human/Bestial races, like Gnolls for example

In-depth artisans system. Order a specific item and customize the appearance and statistics, artisans can level after each order, becoming more experienced and unlocking more options. Find patterns and plans for items of incredible power during your adventures.

I would like more customization for character creation
more faces
more body shapes (a lot of current characters have slouched shoulders, i want to see more heroic poses)
more starter clothes
more hair styles

the biggest problem i have in kingmaker is that i can’t seem to create a character i like
i always want tor restart anew to change my character again.

Here are eight stretch goals I’d like to see:

The ability to make map notes
The ability to remove kingdom management from the game
The ability to forward time by one week with a single click
The ability to save build templates
The ability to view AB and save progressions for each class when creating characters
The ability to remove encumbrance from the game
The ability to choose the kits of joinable NPCs
The ability to choose dialogue options even if the devs believe my character wouldn’t want to say them

What I’d definitely want to see is crafting feats before modding happens. It’s a very core aspect of about every character I play in Pathfinder and getting to use things like these without gm approval is a main reason for me to play a singleplayer game of Pathfinder.

Things that’d be great as well but probably don’t make that good of a stretch goal: undead armies from necromancy (rounds per level animate dead? really?) and baldur’s gate like multiplayer. I currently play the game with a friend of mine with steam remote play and the turn-based mod (which btw. is totally how pathfinder (and video should be played and it’s so much more fun than playing alone. But Steam Remote play makes it impossible for him to read some dialogue, item descriptions or other written parts since quality is so bad. Him not being able to control a character out of combat isn’t even that much of a problem.