What class is your main character at beginning of game?

Personally I Have it narrowed down to Bloodrager – Primalist, Warpriest – Cult Leader or Ranger --Demonslayer or Hunter – Divine Hunter – I am sure i will make companionss to tackle at least 1 or 2 of those i dont choose…What is your choice?

I am eyeing the Swarm now. So it will depend whenever we have new fitting archetype such as Verminous Hunter. If not, I’ll probably either roll a Druid for an arthropod companion or a Blight Druid.

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I am thinking I will go with divine hunter with leopard and using aldori background and dueling sword…pick up those aldori sword feats…

i like to roleplay and not do the min max convoluted builds, but tempting to dip into one rogue level or vivicectionist to pick up sneak attack

Whatever Class allows me to pick a dinosaur companion.


Wow, that is a thing?

Monk + Sword Saint just as in P:K, but probably with a 2 level dip of Bloodrager, as this gives you rage + uncanny dodge. Bloodrager dips will probably be as popular as Vivisectionist dips in P:K for this reason.

It seems to me that the existing companions don’t force you to be a tank/off-tank on higher difficulties as in P:K, so you can actually be ranged, too, but I still like the ranged companions more than the melee ones (from a mechanical perspective, not regarding characters&story).

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I’m going to be either a tiefling hexcrafter or al bloodrager. I’m going to rp a former guardian/child of a hag trying to find redemption. Me and you know who are going to have fun discussions about the nature of good and evil

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I’ve never played PF but I’ve played lots of DnD so I wanted to try some of the new PF-specific classes. I settled on Inquisitor so I can be a bit of a jack of all trades for the party. Probably male Dwarf or female Aasimar. I tend towards LN alignments and Aeon looked like the most interesting Mythic Path to me, so it sealed my class choice when I learned that Inquisitors and Aeon have synergies.

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Yea i was curious, i thought they said there would be dinosaurs but hadnt seen any…i would love a raptor if they make one…not sure which dinosaurs they said they were going to have except i belive they showed an image of a triceritops…and that’s the thing about this game, that i love, there are so many classes you could literally run a completly different party on every run…but also makes it really hard to choose what you want in your party…the only only NPC I really like is Lan, he just does too much damage to not have him in there…but any of the others, for me at least, ehh…though i am sure i havent met all of them ive only gone as far as just finishing Drezen…and there was one meeting with the good Succubus, im sure she will probably be one at some point…

I went for a melee sorcerer using the new archetype seeker with a dip in Monk Scales fist and 4 level of Dragon disciple this time instead of sword saint. This is an absolute BEAST, with the proper Mythic abilities (no spoiler), i’m always 10 to 20 AC higher than the rest of the team and highest Attack Rate, provided no one in my team ever uses Armor or shield and all of them have Monk dip and already high AC.
Wrath pushes you to play Multi-class Melee/Caster build because of all the energy resistances and Mind effect of Demons around. You literally need to always be super buffed and have tons of spells.
I played Lich, but find it underwhelming compared to the promise, i end up never using the lich spells.

I’ll try Azata next. Superpowers, yeah.

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Ok, so I switched my initial plans a bit and went with a Wildland Shaman for some orcish racial archetype goodness. Luckily that one also got an animal companion from the get-go. A Swarm gotta have its trusted giant centipede after all. Also nice that deity selection is now unlocked for all classes.

The triceratops and veloceraptor will have to wait until my next run. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whatever class let’s me sprout wings or something crazy.

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I’m currently on Witch, getting so much mileage out of the sleep and protective luck hexes it’s insane! I’m gonna prestige into Winter Witch and give it a test run later on.

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Really i only played with Ember as a witch and it seems limiting, casting hexes one enemy at a time which many of them have high saves so save against them, and your usually fightign mobs…maybe im missing something on witch…

Yeah Ember has it really rough, her casting stat is oddly low (17 to start with) despite being designed as a full caster (burned curse makes her useless at attacking) which means her hex DC is naturally low, but depending on how you build her she can work as great support with other Witches/Shamans though Evil Eye. I’m currently using her in a but of a tag-team with my MC where she uses Evil Eye to drop their saving throw then I follow-up with slumber to take an enemy out of the fight for a couple turns, it’s just a shame that outside of that tag-team she’s effectively just a much worse version of a custom built Witch cause the only stat she cares about is oddly low and all her other stats are either needlessly high or at really odd numbers.

As far as just generally playing a Witch is concerned, you could always abuse fortune+cackle spam if you have 5 min to spare every map - since cackle is a move action it takes about 2 seconds to use outside of combat, so you can put fortune on someone which lasts 6 seconds, then just sit there for 5 min and endlessly spam cackle to add 6 seconds to its duration, effectively giving you +4 seconds of fortune every procc, resulting in a lovely situation where you have fortune on your entire party with a 20 min duration.

If you don’t want to abuse game mechanics tho Witches are meant to be support casters which require a decent bit of micro-management, throwing out hexes to buff and debuff whilst maintaining them with cackle as a move action to then free up their standard action to throw out spells.

NOTE: Worth noting when an enemy is hit by slumber you can coup de grace them with your melee fighters, which is what makes slumber such a powerful hex and worth setting up for.

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Witches in general are one of the best debuffers/buffers in WotR. Their spellbook is rather limited when it comes to damage spells - most of the currently implemented Patron spells included. On top of my head only the Elements Patron has a decent amount of those. Which makes taking levels as Winter Witch for Witches a demerit more than anything. Gotta wait for the Winter Patron to be added in order to fully utilize that prestige class’ enhanced frost magic.

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A few days ago I went into Winter Witch just to give it a test run and it’s… Honestly really really bad, right now it suffers so many problems it’s unreal, I will say it’s in beta tho so it is subject to change hopefully.

  1. Unlike in PnP where you must be a Witch with the Winter Witch archetype, here you need to be a Witch or Shaman with the frost patron - This is significantly worse since your patron is what gives you bonus spells (many of which aren’t naturally in your spellbook) to give extra utility, with the frost patron based on the winter patron in PnP which is notoriously bad for having a horrible selection of spells, almost all of which are already on your spell list.

  2. The fact that it’s tied to a patron also excludes you from certain archetypes

  3. You lose a caster level as part of going into the prestige class - In PnP this is remedied by a trait that can increase your caster level (but not beyond your total character level), here you just striaght up lose a caster level, which means that in reality as you go down your class progression, you aren’t really “+3 caster level to cold spells and -3 to fire”, you are really “+2 caster level to cold spells -4 to fire”.

  4. your hex progression gets staggered, unlike in PnP

  5. Whilst having half your cold damage become divine at later levels sounds good in theory, in practise it is made entirely irrelevant by the mythic feat that makes spells of a certain element bypass all immunities and resistances which you can get on your first mythic level - It’s also nerfed from the PnP where first resistances are treated as half, then your damage becomes 50% divine, meaning you would often do about 3/4 damage, here it’s just half.

  6. Missing blizzard sight for fog and bad weather

  7. Not nearly enough cold spells on the Witch spell list to make it worth while to specialise in cold (no 2nd or 3rd level cold spells rn), and the only 4th level one doesn’t even care about your caster level or dc.

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I tend to prefer eldritch scions or inquisitors. Usually roll a human, but this build I tried a dhampir. Aeon mythic path is my favorite thus far

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I think the “right” answers for a companion party are a full arcane caster (if you dislike Nenio, which I do). If you intend to use Nenio, then a couple options can be excluded: likely not a full divine caster because there are 2.5 of those (Sosiel, Daeran, Camelia) and likely not an archer (because there are 2 of those, Lann/Wenduag and Arueshalae). That leaves a buffer (bard, likely), a frontline meatshield of some sort, or a 2h cleaver. Bonus points if you get an animal companion. Factoring this all in, I think there’s a good argument for a monster tactician of erastil–functionally acts as a tank with summons and animal companion and can be a 2H cleaver as a 3/4 BAB class–or a bard cleaver w/ summons or a sylvan sorceror to replace nenio. All the standard dex tanks work as well.

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Cavalier: Disciple of the Pike
Why: because I enjoy thrusting my long hard spear to penetrate demons