Weird issue with Armag’s Tomb (PS4)

I’m not entirely sure if it’s a bug or not, but it seems like I’m “failing” the quest (as in, taking too long) but only when J load a save?

Like, I arrive at my Barony, rest, make changes to my advisors, save, go north to speak to the cleric, do the adventure, and crash. Reload the save and NOW a Journal entry updates that maybe I took too long.

I can attest that the message didn’t appear before. I have saved and reloaded multiple times and it doesn’t ALWAYS appear, only sometimes. Now it’s appearing while I’m IN the Tomb. It is unclear to me if it’s just a UI error or if the quest is actually “failing.”

Also note that I have not dallied almost at all. I finished Varnhold Vanishing in Castile 11th and I’m INSIDE the Tomb by the 27th. I’ve looked around the internet and it doesn’t seem like the timer is meant to be THAT tight?!?

Just wondering if it is a bug or if I made a mistake or what’s going on is all.

The date does not say much. I think the counter starts when you become a baron and get the capital.
How many days are left until the next Bald Hiltop curse?

Anyway, unless it took months from the start of the chapter until you start working on it you should not get problems with the time limit.

Its probably a bug.

I was using the dates as relative.

It has been less than a month since the start of the chapter. I don’t know the full details of how he acts when I’m “too late” so I can’t tell for sure if I AM too late or not…

Edit: I definitely made it in time. Probably just a UI glitch then.