Warning major spoilers do not read if you do not want to be spoiled

So if you have played WotR table top game or you had a look at the book so you know what WotR is about their is a feat called touched by divinity which pretty much makes your mother or father a deity so my question is how do you think Owlcat will be able to hardy this feat do you think there will keep it in WotR CRPG or do you think there will remove it I hope there will keep it in the video game vision I like the idea of playing a character that is pretty much Hercules

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Just to add this in if we do get something like this in WotR CRPG what mother or father will you be picking as a deity I will be going with Nethys but a part of me wants to pick Gozreh just to see how that would work out do to Gozreh split personality of being male and female

I´d go with Iomedae. I like Sarenrae more, but Iomedae is nice, and a optimal choice for this AP.

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I do agree with you it’s probably best to go with Iomedae in this AP my only problem with Iomedae is she lacks depth as a deity I might give her a try with a lawful neutral character

Thats not even close to what Divine Source does.

Divine Source (Su)
You can grant divine spells to those who follow your cause, allowing them to select you as their deity for the purposes of determining their spells and domains.

Select two domains upon taking this ability. These domains must be alignment domains matching your alignment if possible, unless your alignment is neutral. You grant access to these domains as if you were a deity. Creatures that gain spells from you don’t receive any spells per day of levels higher than your tier; they lose those spell slots.

In addition, you can cast spells from domains you grant as long as their level is equal to or less than your tier. Each day as a spell-like ability, you can cast one spell of each level equal to or less than your tier (selecting from those available to you from your divine source domains).

If you’re a cleric or you venerate a deity, you may change your spell domains to those you grant others. At 6th tier and 9th tier, you can select this ability again, adding one domain and two subdomains to your list each time and adding their spells to the list of those that you can cast.

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They are well-advised to ignore this nonsense ability as youre no deity in WotR.

Such an ability would work with Baldurs Gate 2 if the MC decides to take over Bhaals throne. However it would only work AFTER the outro of the game. Which is, since the game has ended, up to your imaginations.

I presume it will be the same with WotR. After you finished it you can attain status # as one of the endings.

That the rulebook allows you to choose this at Mythic Rank 3 is just plain rubbish as at Mythic Rank 3 youre not even close to Level 20, maybe Level 10, so even anyone NON-Mythic but Level 20 with a good dagger would just sneak-kill you, the supposedly godlike deity.

A deity is something past level 20 and past Mythic Rank 10. Else these deities would ascent AND die at a rather alarming rate if battling each other. After like 100 years no original deity would remain if L20/M10 was the end of all.

The rulebook doesnt cover deity rules but at a guess, it would work:
standard rules > Mythic rules > Deity rules tier 1 > Deity rules tier 2 > etc.

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Sorry my bad I meant to say touched by divinity feat I have fix it now still I would love to have the divine source feat in WotR in terms of making it work in this game well we are going to be fighting demon lords and the power level of demon lords is on the same as a demigod and we are going to the abyss to fight lots of demons so I can see divine source working in WotR

Games should be built around core mechanics, not edge cases. I doubt it will be implemented, which is the correct decision.

Well touched by divinity feat is a core trait in pnp WotR

Part of the challenge might be that Touched By Divinity making you into the literal child of a deity feels too powerful. Owlcat is putting a lot of work into making the Mythic Paths the main feature of WotR - they’re going to get a bunch of new content like quests and stories and will define how your Mythic powers work. Being the child of a deity is one of those things that feels like it should overrule your other powers or give you a bunch of extra abilities. The PnP version might have worked fine at walking the line between explaining some of your Mythic powers while not taking over the story, but I can see Owlcat leaving it out so that they can focus more on making their take on Mythic Paths into the core of your character and story.


You do make some good points so long as Owlcat does not make this feat game breaking I really don’t have a problem with it I mean the only person who gets real mythic paths is the main character the companions gets sub mythic paths because you are the one who is getting the real mythic paths so in a way it’s really all about the main character if the main character was not their there would not even be getting the sub mythic paths

Well this is the description of Touched by Divinity:

Touched by Divinity (Campaign; Mythic [Hierophant]):

As long as you can remember, you’ve had an unexplainable interest in one deity in particular. One of your parents might have been a priest of the deity, but even this can’t explain your deep connection to the faith. You begin play with a silver holy symbol of your chosen deity for free. In addition, choose one domain associated with your chosen deity.

Benefit: You gain the use of that domain’s 1st-level domain spell as a spell-like ability.

Source: Wrath of the Righteous Player’s Guide © 2013, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Adam Daigle and Jay Loomis.

Honestly not too powerful and belongs to the Hierophant mythic path, that doesn’t actually exist in-game due to mythic path reworks by Owlcat. It’s probably replaced with a bonus domain mythic feat in-game.

As for Hercules-like characters and feats:

As stated above Divine source doesn’t actually make you a diety. It just gives followers of your cause and yourself limited access to chosen domain spells. It could be interesting especially when it comes to troops if implemented. Having your soldiers gain access to extra spells could be a cool upgrade. :slight_smile:

Spark of Divinity I think is more along the lines of what the OP is thinking about. It’s a 3rd party feat:

Spark of Divinity

You aren’t a full-fledged godling, but you have some divine power in your bloodline.

Prerequisite: One ability score 18 of higher.

Benefit: You qualify as a godling for feat, spell, and talent prerequisites.

Source: The Genius Guide To: The Mystic Godling. Copyright 2010, Super Genius Games. Author: Owen K.C. Stephens

This is likely what the Legend mythic path is all about. Making your character a Hercules like character (godling). This is sort of hinted at by Owlcat’s descriptions of the path. Whether or not you actually have a connection to an actual deity (unlikely) or whether you’re just that awesome (as stated by Owlcat more or less) is the question.


This is one of the reasons why I think we will not get the touched by divinity feat because the hierophant mythic path is not in WotR CRPG but we are getting the angel mythic path which is as close as we can get to the hierophant mythic path so we might still get it but on the spark of divinity I agree with you that it would be very cool to be able to have our army getting spells from us this was more or less the idea I was thinking about if my lore is right Iomedae was able to do the same thing when she was just a mortal so it’s not impossibly for Owlcat to make this work in WotR CRPG

I hope that the legend mythic path does turn us into a godling this is why I am manly looking forward to this mythic path the other mythic paths don’t really do it for me I had hopes for the dragon mythic path but find out that you can only be a gold dragon

There is no: ‘just being awesome’. According to the rulebook:

… there will be a moment in the campaign when you gain mythic power (or when it manifests, in the case of mythic power that has been latent in you since birth). This critical part of the story is called the moment of ascension.

Mythic power always has a source including these:

  • contact with an ancient artifact
  • sponsorship of a deity
  • mythic power somewhere in family

Since the game is about Iomedae, I find it very likely she is sponsoring the MC for some reasons and ALL Mythic Paths including the Angel Path and even all the evil ones are altering that source of mythic power towards a specific mythic aspect.

As such, mythic power does NOT run in your family naturally. If that were true, you wouldnt need Iomedaes, or anyone elses, sponsorship. I think the Legend Path uses the unaltered, pure mythic power you got from Iomedae and will give you options that match Iomedaes own power, making you a mini version of her.

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Well the only way I can think of that a mythic power would run in your family is if your mother or father is a deity but even than the mythic power would run out sooner or later