Want to create some portraits easy way?

I found this:

Anyone used it? Do you recommend?

I tried with two different images from shoulders to head, and the program kept zooming in to a part of the face. Even scrolling out at max ended only in a small part of the face and not the whole original image.
So, unless I’m missing something, it won’t work for me.

you can move images. Have you tried that.

Of course, but the zooming was too much anyway. I don’t know why they zoomed on the original picture in the first place. I could not zoom out as much as they had zoomed in.

i made a thread some time ago. this website has bugs. and the scaling isn’t correct. i have to use gimp and do myself now as others suggested.

Is there a guide how to do it in gimp? Just need to resize?

Depends on what you want to do. GIMP let’s you crop, resize, add alpha channel, use layers, filters, calibrate colors and much more if you want to make a portrait from scratch.

If you just want to resize already existing artwork you can easiliy do so: Image -> Scale Image -> enter resolution in pixel. Done. It’s that simple. Although I recommend playing around with the aforementioned possibilities as well.