Vote Ratfolk when the time comes!

I’ve come here to convince you why when the time comes, you must vote for ratfolk to become a race in Wrath of the Righteous! Let’s dive right in!

A Bit About Ratfolk

Ratfolk (in their own tongue known as Ysoki) are found as both itinerant merchants and scavengers in the cities of other races. They value adaptation and emotional resilience as virtues, and are consummate tinkers and salvagers. Many ratfolk place an almost religious importance on fiddling with broken things. Their views of religion tend to be patchy and fleeting; they pick up new religions and gods as they encounter them, adopting regional faiths to put locals at ease.


Of the three races given as options in the poll, the one that makes the most sense to be in Mendev are, just by proximity are the ratfolk. For a bit of an easier bearing on names, Avistan can be thought of as Europe, Garund as Africa, and Tian Xia as Asia.

Kitsune hail primarily from Tian Xia, which is on the complete opposite side of the world from Mendev and the Worldwound. It would be an almost 3,000 mile journey (in just a straight line!) to get from Tian Xia to the Worldwound to take on Deskari.

Catfolk are almost as far away in just the opposite direction! They hail primarily from a city-state in Southern Garund known as Murraseth (which isn’t even on the map because Southern Garund has had very little development). They also face a long journey out of their way to end up near the Worldwound.

Ratfolk, meanwhile, are quite local. While they have roots in Tian Xia (including an underground empire), they are very much local to Avistan and Northern Garund as well, boasting sizeable populations throughout the Inner Sea. Numeria, Druma, and Katapesh, as well as Varisia’s Storval Plateau and some of the western reaches of Belkzen all house populations of ratfolk. In Numeria in particular, they have a city all to themselves known as Chitterhome.

Of course your PC might be a wanderer far from home, but if there’s any question about who is likeliest to be local, it’s got to be ratfolk!

The map below shows the Worldwound in Red (as well as distances to Tian Xia and Murraseth), Ratfolk populations in Blue, and the area of the Stolen Lands of Kingmaker in Green. Map courtesy of the Pathfinder resources on

Everything else is so far away!


Ratfolk are agile and clever, yet physically weak. They gain +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, and a -2 Strength. They are a small race (meaning you get that great +1 size bonus to attacks and AC), though they do move slowly at only 20 feet (same as halflings and gnomes). They also get a +2 racial bonus on Perception and Use Magic Device checks. A very interesting racial trait they receive is called “Swarming”, which in PnP allows two Ratfolk to be able to share a space, and be considered flanking a target when they do so. How this will translate into the game itself is uncertain (as this is how flanking is basically already handled at default), but I trust in Owlcat to implement an interesting and faithful adaptation in the spirit of the ability.

All of these benefits make ratfolk fantastic alchemists, arcanists, rogues, slayers, witches, wizards, and dex-based magi or fighters.

For their racial archetype, ratfolk alchemists will likely be able to choose the “Plague Bringer” archetype. Instead of a normal mutagen, plague bringers can infuse themselves with disease, causing enemies who attack them to be sickened, as well as infecting their weapons with plague that sickens enemies they hit.


Sure cats are pretty cute, they’ve taken the internet by storm! And foxes have that catchy song. But rats seem like they’re surging in popularity, and I think the following pictures really display why!
Flopped Rattie
Hungry Rattie
Resting Rattie

Finally, here are some pictures of actual ratfolk (not just wonderful rattie pets!).
Ratfolk Alchemist
Ratfolk Archer
Ratfolk Kalistocrat
Ratfolk Ranger

Hope I’ve been able to sway a few future voters with this thread! And remember, no matter who wins the race poll, we all win in the end. After all, Owlcat is still making Wrath of the Righteous!


That is a nice post! Thank you for it :slight_smile: Go rats!


Yeah no. Kitsune person here.


This thread is nothing short of ratlicious! :smiley:

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Nope sorry had my fill of skaven meme already

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I think I am. Want to try out a ratfolk, illusionst(?) walking swarm. Not to keen on khaji…, I mean, cat folk and kitsunes. I would like to know if the are planing on creating any npc’s/companions that belong to any of these three races.

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Also, Ysoki are a core race in Starfinder (the SciFi version of Pathfinder).

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To be honest, I would rather have a kitsune, but I don’t think they would add enough shape-shifting gimmicks to satisfy me, and so I think I will vote ratfolk. I’m not criticizing Owlcat, it’s just that it would require too much effort to implement them considering it would affect just one race.

Some one from dev team mentonet that they thinking about how to add shape-shifting for kitsune.

Hate rats. These rodents carry dreaded diseases, smell bad, shitting everywhere and most importantly one of those bit off my ear when I was a volunteer in Africa. And I don’t like cats so much, so for me there is only one option - kitsune

The Great Horned Rat is proud of you, sir.


Rats are actually very clean animals, and groom themselves very often. Some studies even show they’re even less likely than dogs or cats to catch and transmit parasites or viruses. As for your ear being ‘bitten off’, I’m sorry to hear that if it’s true, though I feel like it would take quite some time for that to happen?

Certainly wild rats can be a menace to agriculture and are typically considered pests, but the same can be said of feral dog or cat populations as well.

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Hey, every animal has to eat! Hopefully you use frozen or already dead rats or mice for your fox. As for all of this being a meme? I think it’s disingenuous to be so dismissive of a topic some folk are very sincere about. Sure the Skaven memes can grate after a while (especially since the Golarion ratfolk are very distant from their Warhammer cousins), but it’s all in good natured fun. :slight_smile:

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It happened when I was sleeping. I didn’t lose the whole ear about 1/3 of it. I tell my friends that the bandits shot me, at least sound not so embarrassing. qಠ_ಠ|

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Who said it will be rats :face_with_raised_eyebrow: . Only best mouses for my fox :fox_face:.


:joy: Sorry but it’s hard not laughing :rofl: Just to annoy you - “for the rat folks” :grin:

nice post! I will vote for the rats when the time comes!!


I absolutely love your passion and you presented your case so well…but Kitsune for life!!! :smiley: I thought to myself, I’ll never get my favorite race of all time made in a game like this, and then the stretch goal showed up and I got really excited! So what can we do to just get all three? I smell a DLC in the works!!


I give you props for a well-written and presented case, but I’m going to go with the kitsune. Just a personal preference coupled with my dislike of skaven memes (and my impression at least some of the support for ratfolk is rooted in those memes.)


My roommate ran a ratfolk occultist for two years so I feel I must vote ratfolk out of respect for that amazing character.

Plus more small races seems like a positive.