Vordakai's Tomb - Advice needed

This is my first playthrough, 150 hours in. Recently, the fights became a bit too easy, so I turned the difficulty up, from “normal” to “challenging”. Everything was fine. Until I entered Vordakai’s Tomb.

I can easily deal with a bunch of cyclops. I got a lucky critical hit on that astradaemon that dealt more than 80 damage. But deeper into the tomb, the cyclops get bigger. I’m starting to use up my most precious items and scrolls. Those first soul eaters kept me busy for 15 minutes, and then just more appear. I stand no chance. I don’t even want to know what waits for me after one has dealt with them.

This is my party, all level 10:

  1. Valerie, with a +3 will save helmet (great against “hold person”)
  2. Amiri with that crazy +6 weapon against undead giants
  3. Main character (ranger) plus dog with 31 strength
  4. Tristian
  5. Regongar
  6. Linzi

While Linzi still does a good job at buffing the party, my main character is close to useless. Valerie and Amiri do all the work while Tristian is busy keeping everyone alive.

My main problem is that the more dangerous the fights become, the more I have to make use of my precious magic scrolls and potions. I have tens of thousands of gold, but nothing I can spend it on. The scrolls vendor in my town just has cheap level 1-2 scrolls. I was already on my last leg before the soul eaters, and I have a feeling the worst has still to come.

My biggest mistake was forgetting rations. I was only able to camp once, and I probably did it much too soon.

Does anyone have some advice?

Those big zombies have low reflex save. Spell like Ice Prison is devastating on them, but since you don’t have a wizard try grease.

A other strategy will be to simply buffs.

  • AC buff for Valerie, Barskin > Magical Vestment (armor) > Shield of faith > reduce person > blur > combat defensively
  • Your pet can also get very high AC, try to buff him the same as Val + mage armor and minus reduce person.
  • Enlarge for Regongar and Amiri to give them reach.

As for your lack of rations, the small zombies carries a LOT of rations on them. So keep a eye on them or back track and see if you miss some by relooting them.

These are past the soul eaters in room slightly before big boss, where zombies have



In addition to what was already mentioned;
Protection from Evil beats Hold Person
Death Ward beats ability damage attacks (the WIS damage is the most dangerous thing about them)

I never thought of that! I always wondered what purpose “Enlarge Person” could ever serve but here we have it. Great.

And enlarge for your ranger. At 31 strength and with undead favorite enemy, he’ll hit like a truck.

Make sure the dog and Valerie engage first and are buffed heavily.

For Valerie, this means Barkskin, Armor of Faith, Blur, Death Ward, Magical Vestament, Fight Defensively, Crane Style Feat, and enough dexterity to maximize her dexterity to AC bonus, reduce person, heroism and haste. Dazzling Display for more debuffs.

For the dog, this means mage armor, strength and dexterity buffs (bull and fox), blur, barkskin, armor of faith, death ward, and animal growth (if you have it), greater magic fang, heroism, and haste.

They should be able to avoid most attacks while your heavy hitters (amiri, regongar, and ranger pc) safely hit enemies from reach range with enlarge person.

For scrolls, you want to buy a bunch of restoration scrolls in town to cure negative energy levels. Save your cleric sprees for more useful casts.

As an aside, your party is melee heavy. For future games or playthroughs, you’ll benefit from having no more than 3 melee imo. 1-2 tanks and a reach weapon user or enlarged melee user who can safely smack enemies behind your fighters. Ideally, your tanks will focus on debuffs wit dazzling display abilities or trips, which will give your reach weapon user more attacks per round.

There are two downsides with a melee heavy build. One, they generally take more damage from AOE abilities because they are closer to the enemy. Two, it can be hard to get the melee to use a full attack because they are moving frequently and because tight corridors mean that your melee can block each other.

Also, you don’t have a pure arcane caster, which can really help with buffs and CC. Stinking cloud and cloudkill are exceptional (although they won’t work in the tomb because most enemies are undead). But with good cc, and more ranged damage and summons, you can throw a cc spell, and Hal the monsters will be dead or wounded from your ranged attacks before hitting your front line. And many cc spells will slow or delay SOME monsters, meaning that only a half or a third will hit your front line at once. By time the next waves hits, your front line should have killed the first wave.

If it were me, I’d cut Regongar for full arcane caster (like Octavia) and change the ranger to an archer, which will more or less get a full attack action every round. Both changes will add good, sustained damage per round from range (I know you can’t change your pc on this play through—I’m just giving some ideas for optimal builds).

Replace Regongar with Harrim. 2 divine casters will allow for enough healing, death ward, protection from evil and restorations to go through this undead infestation.

After the tomb, i´d do as @Raikan said and replace Regongar for Octavia. A full arcane caster attack spells and buffs are too useful to go without.

Yes, I often tried to use corners and small passages to my advantage so enemies would only attack Valerie and maybe my dog, but at the same time, Regongar and sometimes Amiri often had trouble to reach the enemies. I never thought of enlarging them, this should be extremely helpful.

After I rescued him, that weirdo just hung around at Olegs tradepost, never wanted to talk to me, then left. Never seen him since.

Thanks to you guys, I now seem to be past the cyclops and soul eaters. I still have a feeling the worst is yet to come, but we’ll see.

My biggest problem still remains: Of course I can heavily buff people, use strong spells like death ward, but those resources are finite. All my merchants were sold out and I don’t want to turn Vordokai’s Tomb into a two-week-vacation (resting too often), that wouldn’t be realistic.

For buffs, try to find (and buy) a rod of extend magic. Oleg sells lesser rods of extend magic, but you probably can buy better ones in your capital at this point.

There should be a priest/scroll merchant in your capital that starts with 100 scrolls for all the useful cures (remove blindness, restoration, etc.). She’s on the east side of your capital map. Oleg from the trading posting should also have some.

Harrim should be located on the west side of your capital, overlooking the cliff.

I don’t think you’ll need cleric x2 for the tomb, but Harrim is definitely better than tristian for the tomb for reasons I won’t go into.

Man, this conversations makes me want to complete another playthrough of KM. Maybe I’ll use companions this time instead of min-maxed mercenaries.

Enlarge Person on melee dps can help in a lot of situations. If a character like Amiri is enlarged she won’t need to go all the way into melee range and can just attack from a safe distance. A weapon like a Fauchard can accomplish the same thing, making your melee dps a 2nd rank, essentially, behind your tanks.

This 2nd rank tactic is more important in Kingmaker then I originally realized, it really helps keep melee dps out of danger. The cyclops have a cleave, making it particularly important in the tomb.

There are some rations further into the dungeon, so if you can keep going for a while you will be able to rest before the tougher fights at the very end.

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Thank you all very much, that enlargement for Amiri and Regongar was extremely helpful. Valerie and my dog had the highest armor rating and stood in the first row. Big enemies like cyclops and elementals still could occasionally hit them, but at least I was able to hit back.

Vordakai himself was surprisingly easy. The four enemies before his chamber were pretty tough, but still somewhat fair when I used the narrow pathways to my advantage. I had most trouble with the area around the soul eaters and the cyclops hordes.

Thanks again, my barony owes you something.

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