Voiceover Feedback Thread

Many talented voiceover actors took part in making our game. What’s more, some of the sounds used in the game were recorded by our own team members - such as the voices of kobolds, goblins, lizardmen, and even mandragoras!

Tell us, which character or monster voice did you like the most? And, if you happen to know them, which of the voiceover actors took your heart?
After the poll, we’ll prepare some material for a series of posts and tell you more about the actors that worked on PF:KM.

And here are some of the voiceover actors’ accounts on twitter:

https://twitter.com/AlysonRosenfeld - Octavia
https://twitter.com/TianaCamachoVO - Amiri
https://twitter.com/AmeliaTyler - Nyrissa
https://twitter.com/scottrayow - Harrim
https://twitter.com/baileycarrvoice?lang=en - Jaethal
https://twitter.com/abegoldfarb?lang=en - Jubilost
https://twitter.com/majorattaway?lang=en - Regongar
https://twitter.com/eddytzenlee?lang=en - Tristian
https://twitter.com/LSheppardVO - Linzi

For me Jubilost and Lantern King were by far the best.

My favourites voices were Linzi and Nyrissa.

I agree with both of you - Nyrissa, Lantern King, Jubilost and Linzi were all fantastic :slight_smile:

Love all of them!!! Great Job … who voiceover Aldori ?

My personal favourite is Sean-Connery “Meager Varn” starring k0tarsis.
Oh wait official ones? :smiley:

Most certainly Nyressa she did such a good job it was like: “Wow thats exactly how I imagined her in the campaign herself.”

For my favorites, I’d have to give the first place to Regongar. I just love his voice, and it suits the character so well.

My personal favourite is Sean-Connery “Meager Varn” starring k0tarsis.

Aww, thank you! In that case, you might also enjoy my work on the goblins and lizardmen - the official work, this time :smiley:

Did you guys find any of the monster voices memorable? Like the trolls, for example? That roar gives me the chills!