Vision Impaired - Issue with Contrast on backgrounds and Text, help?

Platform: PC

Do you have any mods? No

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:
Hey All,
i’ve looking all over the internet for something to help me with my only issue i have with the game. reddit, nexus, you name it i’ve tried finding a work around

I genuinely love it, how ever i’m visually impaired and with all the text on that light brown parchment type back ground and the text changing from light brown to red it’s incredibly hard for me to read.

The in game ui scale and text size is already set to maximum, I’ve even tried changing the gamma settings. i have a 32" monitor thats already pretty close to my face.

After an hour what’s left of my good vision is ruined and its headache inducing.

I would love for a mod, or setting that change change the text colour, or off a dark mode alternative. I really don’t want to shelf the game over something so simple but it is coming to that if i can’t sort something. Even their new game looks to have a similar ui even though the look is darker over all, but also looks fantastic! (want to get it)

I’m reaching out to the forums for some help! any one have any ideas? thanks?

Hello! There are settings for colorblind mode and text size. Try utilising those, afraid there isn’t much more that we can help with :frowning:

Hi Starrok

thanks for your reply. where do i find the colourblind options the menus are pretty hard to navigate for me as it is, i see the text size one and thats set to max, 1.2 i dont see colourblind?
i’ve looked through all the menus about 5 times now.


They should be at the bottom of graphics settings.

It’s definitely not there
see attached image of my graphics settings

and i have the latest patched version of the game.

Oh! Sorry, I didn’t notice you meant Kingmaker. The colourblind options are only included in the new game, Wrath of the Righteous :frowning:

That’s ok, sorry to hear there’s no official help with this,

if it isn’t to much trouble would you mind passing on the feedback for accessibly options for future games, Something as simple as being about to change font colours would help.

I know i’m probably less than 1% of your player base with this impairment but i’d like to hope
these kind of features for future releases. I’m happy to work with owlcat if that helps too.

Thanks for your time.

I know this isn’t going to help with the colors. But No more film grain will at least make the visuals less “blurry”, including the UI.

Not exactly what you’ve asked. But there’s not much else out there on the modding front to help readability for Kingmaker’s UI.

Hello! Yes, the film grain problem was already passed over to the dev team. No ETA atm, but lack of ability to turn it off is recognized as an issue.

Thanks for the help people, I’ll try that mod and persist with windows magnifier, hope Owlcat can take on board these types of things for future games.