Varnhold's Lot: Still bugged

Platform: Xbox One X Pathfinder Kingmaker

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:

Varnhold’s Lot: (Spoilers)
Lostlarn Keep - The Depths. Main character, Three created character, and Cephal Lorentus.
When triggering the Flower cut screen, after the characters runaway it goes to a black screen and game accepts no inputs. Have to exit to dashboard close and the relaunch program. Reinstalled the game. The problem was on Build except on that build it would first show your characters in the next area the go to a Black screen. Now it just goes to a black screen.

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I’m still having this issue as well but I still see my characters for a split second, hopefully they see this thread and actually solve the problem instead of just fixing performance issues rather than game breaking bugs


Same problem here also (Xbox one X). The storyline quest is still broken, Cephal casts spell etc. Characters start to run and then just unavoidable black screen. Only option is to close the game from Xbox dashboard.

This is occurring on the ps4 also cant progress the dlc would be nice so I can continue my main campaign.

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hit the same issue, stopped playing for a bit - went to PC version

Thought I’d throw my name in this one too. Xbox, same issue. Tried with multiple characters.

As stated before in xbox update thread. Same issue here xbox one. Bought and playing the also slightly buggy wasteland 3 till this gets patched.

Hi! This issue should be fixed in the next patch ( XBOX and 01.02 PS4). Sadly I don’t have the information on when this patch will get to you, but as soon as it will change, I’ll let you know. I’m sorry you can’t progress because of it :frowning:

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I appreciate your response, and I do hope that these things are indeed fixed in the update. One of the frustrations I hope that the devs understand, is that saying that Microsoft and Playstation is holding up the patch comes across as an excuse. We have watched games like Wasteland 3 come out after you game and get continual patches. Along with other games. Since we are not involved in that side of the industry it makes no sense. I understand you are a new company and not used to the processes for consoles, but you partnered with Deep Silver and they are.
I really hope this all smooths out. I truly enjoyed what I played of the game before I hit games stopping bugs in both the main campaign and DLC.
Thanks again!

please do im frustrated with the game thus far I can’t immerse myself into it before it crashes or freezes up.

Yeah, I realise we look poorly in comparison :frowning: I don’t know how do they get their games patched so fast, it would be great to find out actually. Sadly it’s our first port, and a lot of things just happen not the way we expected. We are mortified it affects our players so much, and we fully admit it’s our fault, of course. We shared the information about the approval procedures not to shift the blame, but because we want to be honest and transparent with our players.

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I can relate, I’m really sorry you have to deal with this instead of having fun. I hope our next patch comes sooner, and will make your experience much better.

Sorry I realized that being in text tone was lost. My comment was meant more as a perspective from our side. Also I was and am more concerned and confused on why Deep Silver being your publisher has not helped push your Patches through, when they obviously know how to get patches turned out quickly. I have never seen it as blame shifting. The frustration your team has felt was obvious from the first response the community received from you.
People forget that you make games because you also love them, and wish to share that vision and passion with others. I maybe frustrated with the bugs and stuff that stopped me from being able to play, but I am also willing to listen and try to understand your side of things.
Life happens and sometimes things do not go as planned. I am just really glad you all are willing to get things on track, listen to the players, and communicate with us. It’s amazing to have live feedback, especially after dealing with other companies with notoriously poor customer service.
Thank you again for all your hard work and interactions. I am excited for things to finally get resolved. I truly hope this does not turn you all away from console space as I would love to play more of your games in the future.
Be well!

microsoft bought the studio that makes wasteland (inxile)
so being a microsoft owned developer releasing on a microsoft platform is definitely going to decrease time it takes to release patches

Absolutely fair point. Unfortunately a side effect though is it makes other studios look less productive. In cases like this, I can lead to the heightened frustrations and anger of the community. We as gamers having to deal with companies like the giants are used to broken promises, placations, excuses, and bad releases with no show of real concern for the players. Hell, some of the CEOs have even gone as far as to blame the players when these giants have done this. (I am not going to name the companies since I am sure we can all think of at least one that this fits.) It has bred a resentful and distrusting player base. As such companies like OwlCat that are just in the beginning and learning the ropes have to be “perfect” or they get the full brunt of a mistreated consumer base. That they are not responsible for. Personally, I originally came to the forums posted my bugs with all the details Beta testing for several companies taught me, and full of frustration. But I also tried to put my bias aside and really wait to what these guys would say and do. Now I am firmly on their side. If the next patch does everything they say it will, and I belive it will, then I will be a loyal customer for a while. Might even inspire me to get another gaming pc. This is my absolute favorite genre of game. RPGs set in and based off Table Top PnP.
Sorry I rambled. Guess I had some stuff to say. Have a great day!

Regarding wasteland 3 though… I started it cause of a gamestopping bug in Varnhold and i finished it in about a week being very close to completionist. I spent close to 2 weeks just getting to near end of act 3 to transition merge with Varnhold dlc. So Pathfinder is a way bigger game contentwise and with branching consequences. Still waiting on the patch to get through before i go on with my run offcourse.

On a more funny ironic note. The Ranger HQ is quite similar to main capital square In Pathfinder. Both have some type of memory leak or usage which makes the game very likely to crash when you visit/save or touch the inventory In those areas. Both pretty crowded areas where a lot of npcs try to react to the player.

I just started Varnholds lot.
Just got back to Varnhold the second time.
The mission or quest is “A special dish”. Varholds lot DLC. Second quest. Says I need to go to Blackstones Ford…It will not let me leave Varnhold. Everytime I talk to Cephal Lorentus? The game loads back to the main screen. Every time.
I can’t advance.

This is on the ps4 and ps5.