Varnhold's Lot DLC out on Feb 28!

Pathfinder: Kingmaker’s second DLC - “Varnhold’s Lot” - will be released on February 28th. Don’t miss the chance to experience Maegar Varn’s vast and valorous story!

Can’t wait! Any news on how this affects Varnhold interactions in the current game? For example, you’re given an invitation to Varnhold by Maegar in chapter 2. Will Varnhold’s Lot significantly change how you interact in Varnhold at that time? Would it be a good idea to completely hold off the game at that point until you can finish Varnhold’s Lot to see changes and impacts?

Personally I want to know what exactly do we get with this DLC before I buy it. If it is just a bit more content with completely different characters but with little effect for the rest of the game I am not really interested.

both of these points ^

I have the season pass through kickstarter reward tier, I just wonder what are the impacts on a playthrough. I’m currently at the beginning of bald hiltop curse part 2, I have received no invitation from Varhnold, only a project of a proposal to open a trade route between our 2 settlements, which was sent by letter so I had no interaction with anyone from that lot so far.

EDIT : also, as we do not know yet how the trigger of this DLC will be done, it’d be nice to have a little heads up. Is it a ‘‘go to main menu, press new game and start it as a different module than main campaign and then import the result onto a save’’, or is it in-game triggerable, like selecting a dialogue option from Varhnold where you ask how he started everything, and his answer is the 6-12hours campaign?

if it’s the first option, can we import the results onto different playthrough, or do we need to do a whole Varnhold campaign for each playthrough we do?

That would be nice. ^^

Edit just to post the image above :

Same. I’ve been waiting to buy the game and i’m going to decide if buying it now or waiting for the last DLC based on Varnhold’s Lot.

If it’s just a 6-12hrs mini-campaign with nothing else in it, i’m definetly going to wait the last DLC and skip this one.

there is definitely something else in the DLC, we were told that it would have repercussions in the main playthrough. However, if what you define as nothing else is new classes and new races, don’t hold your breath, it wasn’t advertised. It is a possibility though, seeing how much it was asked a lot, but the devs are not entitled to provide additionnal classes and races.

Now if the devs were to give us something that wasn’t advertised in this DLC, I would guess it would be more advisors. There were no hints as to when they would do it, but K0tarsis did star a survey on what we think is more important to deal with in the current game and the majority voted for more advisors per role (which I highly agree, seing as to when you hit chapter 4, you basically have no RP choices to keep any councillors).

It would be a bonus if they would have already dealt with this issue and released it with Varnhold lot’s, so I don’t think it’s coming this week.

Oh, i know what was advertised and what wasn’t. I just hope there is, since i’m personally not interested in a 2nd campaign with some repercussions. That doesn’t mean i’m going to be offended or angry if there isn’t. They are the ones making this game, they’re obviously free to do whatever they want.

Still, if there’s Hellknights in there i’m going to buy the Imperial Edition, lol.

Yay, can’t wait to play it :smiley:

Wasn´t expecting it for february anymore.

Even if its last day, its a nice surprise.

Can´t wait to play too :slight_smile:

… so… will there be any Varncuddling in this Varnhold DLC?

Considering how it was described that Varnhold settlement is mainly inhabited by grown men, I think it is safe to assume that Varnhold likes to have his fair share of cuddle among his boys

…aaaand “Varnhold’s Lot” is out now! Join us for stream tonight -, 19:30 CEST/ 09:30 PT !
(yes, I’m going to spam this link in every Varnhold’s Lot topic, and I’m not ashamed!)

go to main menu, press new game and start it as a different module than main campaign and then import the result onto a save

Yep, AFAIK, that’s more or less how it’s going to work.

You choose in the main menu whether you want to play the main campaign or the DLC.

Once you’ve finished the DLC at least once, the game remembers this fact. From now on, when you are playing the main campaign, a window will pop up once you’ve reached a certain point in the story and ask you to choose which DLC result you’d like to import (in case you’ve completed the DLC 18 times, for example).

Once you choose a result to import or decline to import, the decision is PERMANENT for this save file and all later ones that “stem” from this one. If you load an earlier save file, the game will prompt you to choose again. You can import the same DLC result onto as many main campaigns as you’d like (of course, most of you have at least 29 concurrent playthroughs, I assume).

Only 3 simultaneous playthrough so far, plus an additionnal one which is the same character but with a drastic change of alignment in a keypoint in history (becomes lawful evil from his neutral good stance). I need to at least finish 2 plauthrough before starting others that I have planned (which is so far 2 that I have already planned, maybe others will come).

can the window pop up at any time from any saves that are past the ‘‘certain point in the story’’ you mentionned? Like can the game recognize that the pop up has never prompted in a playthrough and ask you if you want to import the result, even if you are in chapter 2, 3 or 4? If not, can you tell me when the pop up should prompt so I can try to see if I have a save that is around that time? thanks buddy

I hope it can pop up at anytime.

I finished the game a few weeks ago and while i love this game, its too soon for me to start a 2nd playthrough.

And i fear i don´t have any save around the end of Act III, which i imagine its the ‘‘certain point in the story’’, as its when we add Varnhold to our lands.

I think the most impactful would be around the point you mentionned, though I think we would begin to see some effects even in chapter 2 since you get a project to trade with Varnhold as early as that chapter. They mentionned that it would add ‘‘severals’’ effects on your main playthrough