Various Cav of the Paw issues

Cavalier of the paw Danger Ward gives a flat +4 to saving throws, but it will always roll twice (even if the first succeeds). It then takes the LOWER of the two results. Effectively, this forces you to pass consecutive saving throw rolls every time.

While mounted, interactions with traps and chests are finnicky. Your character will hover/ vibrate near the object, but never open it. You have to dismount to get it working.

Every mounted / mounted charge ability seems broken. Mounted combat and spirited charge feats don’t have any effect. Possibly related, when charging while mounted, the animal companion is effected by the charge but the rider isn’t so the cavalier charge-based abilities are non-functional.


I had just reported the same issue with mounted feats

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Everything was working well 2 patches ago. I hope they don’t get into the habit of breaking more than they fix with their updates again…

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