Valerie is unable to move


Do you have any mods? Bag of tricks, respecialization, combat round logger, visual adjustment.

Please explain the issue is in as much detail as possible:


I just encountered a bug in my actual run : after letting Valérie at my baronny for some times, i get her back in my crew to fight. But when i’m on the map ready to kick some monsters everybody is moving as i request except her. She’s standing there ignoring every single movement action i land. i’m near the end of the story line (just before hateot). Things i noticed as details were that when i ask for a charge the timer will start but at the moment she supposed to charge she stops, weapons out and stand there.

While you’re waiting for a dev’s response.

Have you checked her encumbrance? If she is carrying too much, like full plate and a tower shield then she might be at her limit.

Also, does she have any Strength damage? This can also push her to the point where she can’t move.