Upgrading to beta access bugged

I have backed the KS at Wrath+Kingmaker Ultimate Digital Bundle + i bought the alpha key and now I have no option to upgrade to get the beta access : ( please help!

Same issue. Paid in the kickstarter and haven’t heard a peep since they took the payment about how to join up. Can’t seem to find any help information anywhere. When I got to the WOTR website it says I have no orders, own nothing, doesn’t even know I paid $114 in the kick starter.

The beta version of WotR is not out yet.

It’s currently alpha 2 version.

Just a question:

I have backed a tier with beta during kickstarter and I bought the alpha on top of it.
This means I don´t have to do anything, right?

Yea I figured things out. I found their recent email confusing as it talked about updating ones order and takes you to the WOTR website, and there was no record anywhere there I had paid for the game via Kickstarted. I had expected that data to have been transferred over and it wasn’t.

I am not interested in the Alpha, only the Beta … and see now that they will send out a follow-up email when Beta is open.

Yes i think we just have to wait.