Update for Xbox / 01.07 for PS4

We apologize for the delay with providing the patch notes.
Here’s what was fixed with the recent patch and the hot fix.

Please be aware of possible spoilers in the description below!

Patch-notes for Xbox / 01.07 for PS4 (hot-fix)

  • Fixed the issue with missing walls

Patch-notes for Xbox / 01.06 for PS4


  • Fixed the issue when the camera could go under the ground in Lake Silverstep Village.
  • Fixed freezes in turn-based mode when pressing the square button on PS4


  • Japanese localization has been added

So is that it now though? Can we expect any more patches? I noticed there’s still no music whenever you 1st load the game (not particularly worried about that). The hotbar is still getting wiped. Stability seems better but slowdown is still pretty prevalent (that could be un-fixable due to console restraint I don’t know). Just wondering.

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Nice prioritization. Game crashes every couple of hours, dozens of game breaking bugs, poor optimization… Lets fix only two things, then localize the game so more people can not enjoy it! God I hate that I fell for this trash heap of a game.

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Вы специально игнорите этот баг?

Добрый день. Проблема должна уйти после последнего обновления. Проверьте :slight_smile:

I noticed after the patch was installed and I loaded up my ps4 game that when I would try to equip items all the labels for items were gone. Nothing had a name next to as I scrolled through inventory to equip. Information would appear in the description window off to the side but where I would move the cursor to select an item it would be blank other than the picture of the object. Did this happen to anyone else?

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The new patch on PS4 completely broke the game. During leveling sometimes I can’t select spells which prevents me from continuing. I can’t add usable items to my hotbar from the main screen, I have to go to the equipment menu and select add to hotbar. And finally, when leaving maps the screen that shows left behind items appears but the option to leave is not available so I can’t leave maps and therefore can’t progress forward in the game.

Not those exact bugs, but I have had a slew of game-breaking bugs since the latest patch.

Oof. I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve uninstalled the game. Moral of the story, don’t release the ports until they are ready. Seriously. It will avoid so many heartbreaks.

Just please give me the option to remove the main character portrait (I play on ps4).
I read that on PC you can import whichever portrait you want. Lucky guys…

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Still here, still wondering

I came back to this forum after 2/3 months at least to see that nothing change. I think I will delete the game at this point, I will never play again since meanwhile plenty of games were added to my list.

For the future, I will try owlcat only if:

  1. I will read in the game forum no complains
  2. The game will be free with the plus.