Update for Xbox / 01.05 for PS4

Finally, a new patch for Xbox/ 01.05 for PS4 for Pathfinder: Kingmaker Definitive Edition is out! We’ve managed to solve the issue with disk space for saves on Xbox, reduced memory consumption in scenes with a lot of characters (like Irovetti’s palace), and fixed the issues with Beneath the Stolen Lands DLC.

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!

• Fixed a critical issue related to the characters’ movement in the Jamandi Aldori’s Mansion area.
• XP was given incorrectly at the House at the Edge of Time area. Resolution: fixed.
• Fixed errors in the dialogue with Jamandi Aldori at the Flintrock Grassland area.

• Fixed the issue due to which events of the Deal with the Devil quest at the capital square could fail to start.
• It was possible to get a reward from Edrist Hanvaki more than once. Resolution: fixed.

U Interface
• Scrolling through the locations list failed to work. Resolution: fixed.
• The Boon selection window wasn’t displayed in the console version. Resolution: fixed.
• Scrolling now works correctly in the recipe selection window. It now also displays recipes, for which there are not enough ingredients, as well as full recipe descriptions, with all the required ingredients.
• The loot window displayed the number of items instead of its weight. Resolution: fixed.
• Fixed how the newly obtained spells are displayed in the class progression window.

Turn-Based Mode
• Commands that are given before a battle starts in turn-based mode, are now canceled only at the very moment the battle starts unless they have been already executed. In the previous update, the commands were canceled immediately, and only the last one was executed even if the battle did not start at all, which interfered with the use of effects during the pause. The change we implemented will also allow you to get a significant advantage in the surprise round, which goes against the rules of the board game, but we consider it acceptable at the moment.
• Pounce failed to work in the surprise round if the character was not the first to act during this round. Resolution: fixed.
• Attacking enemies with AoE spells failed to start a surprise round. Resolution: fixed.
• A fight in turn-based mode could freeze when an AoE effect of a compound shape was activated.

• Excessive game saves were created in the Last Azlanti mode. Resolution: fixed.
• In Beneath the Stolen Lands, rogue-like mode, after you retire one party, the next party didn’t get a boon. Resolution: fixed.
• Decreased the memory consumption in the scenes with lots of characters (in particular, in Irovetti’s palace).
• Increased the space reserved for game saves on Xbox.
• Audio: during the boss fight with Vordakai, a theme for Armag was played. Resolution: fixed.


My game is still on “.12” version. I even rebooted my Xbox, but haven’t got any update

Yeah i have updating on my xbox on manual. No update for the game according to my systems.

@Wooden_Dragon Still no fix for Beneath the Stolen Lands standalone issue what blocks you to finish the dlc. when will it be fixed?. please fix it

Mine hasn’t updated, or even says there’s an update and I’m on Xbox

It’s fixed, we forgot to add it to the patch notes. Fixed!


Update is up. 3,9 GB


@Smetanka thanks a lot!!

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Are we able to enable autosave now? Or have more than 5 or 6 saves without the save system breaking?


Yes, I would like to know the answer to that question too.

Thank you for the update! Well, I’m playing on a PS5, so I have to wait until next week, so thanks in advance!

On Xbox? Yeah, I think enabling 2-4 autosaves should be ok now. Currently there’s a 1 Gb reserved for saves, it should be enough for about 14 saves total in the final stages of the game, where saves are the biggest. In earlier chapters or in DLCs saves are much smaller, so you should be able to have even more. The space for saves is still not unlimited, but at least we managed to increase that number, and now it’s 1 Gb on both Xbox and PS.

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Fresh news! The update for PS4 is live, please refer to the patch notes above.

Не исправили ошибку о которой писали еще в декабре.
К главному герою мужского пола обращаются как к женскому(

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Only on Xbox or also on PS4?

When will you fix the Apocalypse can wait achievement which is still unobtainable.

Tried a brand new game and got as far as the Banquet Hall before the game locked up :+1:

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Reloaded, happened again.
Xbox one.

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Game is even more of a mess post patch. Never have I wanted to love a game more and hated it so much. Glitchy mess, horrible game design that makes everything a hassle. Literally signed up for this message board to say I regret buying this piece of garbage.


I agree. Wonder how or when they’ll offer us refunds like Cd Projekt Red did for Cyberpunk? This game is worse than that ever was and only gets worse the more patches they release.

Hey Admin, how do I get a refund dor the £40 I wasted on this game that you’re now retailing at £14?